Virtual Event: Katy Hull at The Bologna Institute for Public PolicyThe Machine Has a Soul


Why Americans Loved Mussolini

American Foreign Policy Series, hosted by Professor John L. Harper

In the 1920s and 1930s, a number of influential Americans sympathized with Mussolini and Italian fascism. They were drawn to fascism due to widespread views about the negative impact of technological change on American democracy, communities, and jobs. This episode in history offers insights into the popular appeal of authoritarian regimes during periods of wrenching economic and social change.


Dr. Katy Hull is a lecturer in American Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Her book The Machine Has a Soul: American Sympathy With Italian Fascism, was published this year by Princeton University Press. Hull holds a PhD in US History from Georgetown University (2018), an MA in Human Rights, and an MA in International Relations and International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University SAIS (B’02,05). From 2005 until 2010 she worked for the World Bank in Washington, DC. Hull is interested in twentieth century US history, intellectual history, civil rights, masculinity, development, human rights, and US foreign policy.