Virtual Event: Martin Liebscher at the Philemon FoundationPsychology of Yoga and Meditation


Here for the first time are Jung’s illuminating lectures on the psychology of yoga and meditation, delivered at the ETH in Zurich between 1938 and 1940, after Jung’s trip to India. In these lectures, Jung discusses the psychological technique of active imagination in a comparative cross-cultural and transhistorical setting, seeking to find parallels between the the meditative practices of different yogic and Buddhist traditions and the individuation process. He draws on three texts to introduce his audience to Eastern meditation: Patañjali’s Yoga Sûtra, the Amitâyur-dhyâna-sûtra from Chinese Pure Land Buddhism, and the Shrî-chakra-sambhâra Tantra, a scripture related to tantric yoga. The lectures offer a unique opportunity to encounter Jung as he shares his ideas with the general public, providing a rare window on the application of his comparative method while also shedding light on his personal history and psychological development. Nowhere else in Jung’s work can one find such detailed psychological interpretations of these materials, which mark the conclusion and culmination of his engagement with Eastern esotericism, which had commenced in 1929 with his Commentary on the Secret of the Golden Flower.

  • Launch Webinar, Presentation by Dr. Martin Liebscher followed by discussion.
  • 9 May | 2pm-4.00pm | Eastern Daylight Time | Tickets, $30 | Click Here to Register.