Virtual Event: Rob Dunn at the San Diego Natural History MuseumDelicious: The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human


The fermentation of mastodons, the stinkiest cheese in the world, a monkey that makes kombucha, and a question on all our minds: do insects taste things? We see the diversity of life primarily in terms of how it appears to our eyes, but that is just one part of our relationship to nature. The species around us have unique songs, unique behaviors, and unique flavors.  

Dr. Rob Dunn is the William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor in the Department of Applied Ecology. In this talk, Rob will discuss how these flavors have helped shape our evolutionary story. He will argue, building on his book with Monica Sanchez, Delicious, that the quest for more flavorful foods may have played a role in phenomena as diverse as the invention of tools, the first use of fire and even the origin of the most pungent cheeses. Rob will also share stories of the influence of flavor in the evolution of other animals. What flavors does your cat experience? Or your dog? And how much do they matter to them? Join us and find out.