Celebrated physicist Kip Thorne co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2017

We congratulate one of our authors, the celebrated physicist Kip Thorne, on co-winning the Nobel Prize for Physics for 2017. For more details, see our: Press Release.

Dr. Thorne has focused his research on Einstein's general theory of relativity and on astrophysics, with emphasis on relativistic stars, black holes, and especially gravitational waves. The latter observation, made in September 2015, validated a key prediction of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Princeton University Press is honored to be the publisher of Dr. Thorne’s Modern Classical Physics, co-authored with Roger Blandford, and the new hardback edition of the renowned classic, Gravitation, co-authored with Charles Misner and the late John Wheeler, forthcoming this fall. Over the years, we’ve published several Nobel winners, including:

We’re clearly uniquely placed to welcome Thorne to the club. Interested in learning more about physics yourself? We put together the ultimate Nobel reading list:

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  The Cosmic Cocktail

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