Virtual Event: Susan SchneiderVideo Interview

The Center of Theological Inquiry, in partnership with Morven Museum and Garden and Labyrinth Books, invites you to join their annual Book and Film Festival, now aptly renamed the Salon on Screen. Director William Storrar will engage Salon authors and the audience online in a thought-provoking series of conversations.

The opening session will feature philosopher Susan Schneider and her book, Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind. This first video interview in the new series will be shared on April 17 at 5:30 p.m. via email. Audience members will have the opportunity to participate by sending questions to These questions will be collected and answered during a follow-up video session the following Friday, April 24.

Signed copies of Susan Schneider’s book will be available at Labyrinth Books. Call Labyrinth Books Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m.–4:00 p.m. to place your order and specify shipping or curbside pick up: 609.497.1600.