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How long will my book stay in print?

PUP believes in keeping books in print and available for as long as is possible. As an example of our commitment to this principle, we are engaged in a project to reissue all books in the Annals of Mathematics Studies series; every book in the series, right back to the 1940s, will soon be available at the usual affordable prices. We expect all new books to remain in print indefinitely.

How much will my book cost? Will it be more expensive outside of the US?

Our prices are amongst the most affordable in mathematics publishing and will remain so. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say, so please take a look through our catalog to see the prices we charge for books similar to your own (in terms of subject matter and book length); this will give a good indication of the likely price of your own book.

Authors write because they have something to say and want as many people as possible to read their work. Our pricing helps ensure that PUP books remain affordable to individuals and not solely library purchases.

We achieve excellent sales levels, due to the consistent low prices and high quality of our books, often exceeding those of many other mathematics publishers.

How will my book be marketed and promoted?

You will be asked to complete an Author Promotion Form, which we will use to establish a marketing plan for your book. The following is meant as a general outline of the ways in which we promote our mathematics books.

Catalogs: We announce our forthcoming publications to the book trade two times each years. The spring and fall catalogs are sent to over 20,000 bookstores, wholesalers, libraries, and specialist dealers around the world.

Direct Mail: Your book will be targeted to its core market through direct mailing to the membership of professional organizations. A mathematics catalog is mailed to our mathematics book buyers, to the membership of the main societies, and to the subscribers of the major journals. Approximately 50,000 catalogs are distributed in January of each year.

Space Ads: Ads are placed in journals that are specific to your book. They may include: American Mathematical Monthly, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Duke Mathematical Journal, Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, London Mathematical Society Newsletter, SIAM Review, Physics Today, Applied Physics, Leters, Physics World, American Mathematical Monthly, Mathematics Teacher, American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, Bulletin of Mathematics Books, College Mathematics Journal, Mathematical Intelligencer, and SIAM News.

Sales Representatives: In the United States, we sponsor 15 representatives who call on general and college bookstores. We maintain accounts with 5,000 bookstores and wholesalers, and we have a special agency plan with over 1,000 stores who carry a wide range of our titles. With over 3,000 books in print and more than 1,000 paperback editions, we are a major supplier to the leading bookstores throughout the world.

Princeton University Press is also a leader in export sales. In Europe our books are available for local ordering through our agent John Wiley and Sons in England. Wiley are responsible for distribution but pricing decisions and all marketing activities remain with PUP.

We have a sales staff of five full-time (and additional part-time) representatives who call on booksellers in the UK and on the Continent. For the Middle East and Africa we work through agents. We have accounts with all major booksellers in Europe from university bookstores to subject specialists, from library suppliers to the major book chains. In Asia, we sponsor three representatives who call on accounts in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. We sponsor two representatives who sell in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In South America we share an agent with several other university presses. In the rest of the world, we work with shared agents and stock our books with other university presses.

Reviews: We send complimentary and review copies to all appropriate journals. We will ask you to provide input to the selection of this list.

Conferences: We attend a large number of conferences each year, ranging from brief visits by the editors to manned book exhibition stands. We attend the conferences of the main international and national societies, specialist conferences and smaller workshops. If we have no plans to attend a conference or workshop where your book would be of interest, we endeavour to make information available to the attendees through special flyers, unmanned book displays and the insertion of promotional material in delegates' packs. A list of the conferences we will be attending is kept on our News page.

Where will my book be sold?

Your book will be sold throughout the world. Our major sales territories are North America and Europe but we actively promote sales in other parts of the world. Booksellers throughout the world will know how to order PUP books for you quickly and easily.

How long will my book be in production?

The production time will be determined by the size and complexity of your manuscript, as well as the method of compostition. Manuscripts prepared in TeX typically will have a shorter preparation time. Your editor and the PU Press production department will work with you to ensure a timely production schedule to meet a particular deadline such as a special meeting or course adoption.

What kind of editorial support can I expect?

PUP believes that every book deserves individual attention; we pride ourselves on our professional publishing service and will continue our emphasis on quality over quantity. Although other PUP staff will be involved in the publication of your book, your editor remains responsible for the book at all stages and will be able to help you and answer any questions.

Can I provide my book in TeX?

TeX macros are available and new ones are being created for the newer series. As the new macros are available, they will be posted on this website. We will ask you to complete and submit the Production Checklist for TeX Manuscripts with your manuscript.

What's TeX? I only have a typewriter. Will you accept my manuscript?

We can accept manuscripts prepared with all kinds of typesetting packages. We request that you provide an electronic version where possible as it speeds up the production process.

Are PUP books produced well?

Our production department is second to none. We produce books to a consistently high quality, with many books subsequently winning publishing industry production prizes. Our staff have a wealth of experience and can be relied upon to prepare your work to a very high quality.

Will I be paid a royalty?

We offer extremely competitive royalties to all our mathematics authors.