Jessica Yao

Editor, Physical Sciences (Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, & Earth Science)

Princeton University Press’s program in the physical sciences is a diverse list connecting the work of leading researchers with audiences of all kinds, from scholars to the public to the next generation of scientists. Across fields and genres, I acquire books that will inform the practice and shape the profile of the modern physical sciences, including innovative texts that influence teaching and research; exceptional monographs that synthesize research and help set agendas at the frontiers; and accessible, yet deep works of popular science that educate and inspire a broad audience of lay readers. I seek books that speak to big questions and—conveying the excitement and profound impact of research in these fields—shed light on the nature and history of our planet, the universe, and our place within them. Of special interest are projects that bridge disciplinary divides within the physical sciences, between these sciences and neighboring fields, or between the sciences and farther-flung disciplines like philosophy, history, and the arts.