Meagan Levinson

Executive Editor & Head of Paperback Publishing (Sociology)

I acquire trade and scholarly books in sociology and urban studies. The books on my list explore a wide range of topics, from work-family issues and the criminal justice system to urban development and the impact of technology on our lives. For the trade list, I am drawn to ambitious projects that interrogate familiar topics in new and insightful ways; that are carefully argued and well-written; and that contribute to conversations about some of the most challenging issues that we are facing today. Some recent publications include Issa Kohler-Hausmann’s MisdemeanorlandDamon Centola’s How Behavior Spreadsand Rachel Sherman’s Uneasy Street. Matthew Salganik’s Bit by Bit and Kieran Healy’s Data Visualization represent the kinds of textbooks that I find exciting—works that are ambitious and inspiring, and aim to push the discipline forward in new directions.