Meagan Levinson

Executive Editor & Head of Paperback Publishing (Sociology)

I acquire trade and scholarly books in sociology and urban studies. The books on my list explore a wide range of topics, from work-family issues and the criminal justice system to urban development and the impact of technology on our lives. For the trade list, I am drawn to ambitious projects that interrogate familiar topics in new and insightful ways; that are carefully argued and well-written; and that contribute to conversations about some of the most challenging issues that we are facing today. Some recent publications include Matt Clair’s Privilege and PunishmentColin Jerolmack’s Up to Heaven and Down to Helland Sarah Damaske’s The Tolls of Uncertainty. Matthew Salganik’s Bit by Bit and Kieran Healy’s Data Visualization represent the kinds of textbooks that I find exciting—works that are ambitious and inspiring, and aim to push the discipline forward in new directions.