Flash Sale FAQ

Help, I thought this book was for sale, why is the sale price not showing in the shopping cart?

Both print editions of the same book are not always included in the sale. For example, the hardcover may be on sale while the paperback is not. When you land on a book page, the edition on sale is the default selection, and will show a slash through the original price. In order to receive the sale price, you may need to specifically choose the hardcover edition to add to your cart if the paperback version is not on sale.

May I combine the 70% off discount with other offers?

No, the 70% discount is not combinable with other offers.

Can my order include books that are not included in the sale?

Yes, you can add non-sale books to your cart and check out with those books in the same order. Please note that books outside of the featured collection will be billed at the full retail price.

I ordered during the sale, but my books have not yet arrived, who should I contact?

• Email: ordersupport@ingramcontent.com.

Is shipping included?

Shipping is not included in this offer.

Can I ship my order outside of North America?

No, orders must be shipped to an address in North America.

Is there a limit to the number of books I can order?

There is no order limit on this offer.

I tried to order a book and the discount is no longer available?

The discount is applicable while supplies last. It’s possible there are no copies left at this time.

I have placed my order and entered the discount code, but the order total is incorrect.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We suggest deleting the order and trying again. Be sure the discount code you are using is correct and remember that the discount only applies to the flash sale collection. If you are still having an issue placing your order, please contact sales@press.princeton.edu.

Can my order include books that are not yet in print?

You can pre-order books on our website, but the sale discount applies only to the published flash sale collection.

Does the discount apply to ebooks and audiobooks?

The flash sale collection does not include Princeton Audio or ebooks.

Are you planning to host another summer sale? If so, when?

Yes! We will host another Summer Sale in June where nearly all in-print books will be discounted by 50%.

The sale ended before I had a chance to make a purchase. Is there a way I can take advantage of the sale still?

Unfortunately, this is a limited time offer. Please consider staying connected and subscribing to our newsletter below for special offers and news of our summer sale.