Princeton University Press Search Hints


1. ISBN Searches:
Select the title/isbn option from the pull-down menu. In the text box enter the ISBN number--with or without hyphens. Because isbns are unique, this will give you the fastest search.

2. Title Searches:
Note: For numeric, not alphabetic searches: If searching for a title that begins with a numeral, choose the "Title or ISBN" search option and then you may want to choose one of these options:

  • e.g., 1177 B.C.; use the number (1177) plus (and) plus the title (B.C.) [1177 and B.C.] or use the number (1177) plus "space" plus asterisk [1177 *]
  • e.g., 40 Years of Evolution; use the number (40) plus (and) plus any part of title (evolution) [40 and evolution]

3. Searches:
Select from the pull-down menu whether to search by keywords in the descriptive text about the book, by author name, or by individual words in the title and subtitle. Then enter the word(s) you want to seek in the text box and click the "GO" button. The search will look for all books that match the words you enter. It is not case sensitive and it accepts the standard asterisk (*) wildcard.

The author search includes co-authors, editors, and translators.

To limit the number of hits, words in the title/subtitle or book description may be combined using AND or OR. If you don't use AND or OR, the search engine will return hits that match ANY single one of your terms. If you use AND between your search terms, the search will assume you are looking for hits that combine ALL of the words entered. NOT is also available, so searches like 'good AND NOT bad' work too.

If you would like more options, select More Options from the pull-down menu and click on the "GO" button. For even more advanced options, select Power Search from the menu. Each of these has its own hints file.