Albert Einstein, The Human Side
Glimpses from His Archives
Albert Einstein
Edited by Helen Dukas & Banesh Hoffmann
With a new foreword by Ze’ev Rosenkranz


Modesty, humor, compassion, and wisdom are the traits most evident in this illuminating selection of personal papers from the Albert Einstein Archives. The illustrious physicist wrote as thoughtfully to an Ohio fifth-grader, distressed by her discovery that scientists classify humans as animals, as to a Colorado banker who asked whether Einstein believed in a personal God. Witty rhymes, an exchange with Queen Elizabeth of Belgium about fine music, and expressions of his devotion to Zionism are but some of the highlights found in this warm and enriching book.

Helen Dukas (1896-1982) became Einstein's secretary in 1928 and, after his death in 1955, was a trustee of his literary estate and the archivist of his papers. Banesh Hoffmann (1906-1986) was a British mathematician and physicist who collaborated with Einstein on research on the general theory of relativity. Ze'ev Rosenkranz is senior editor at the Einstein Papers Project at the California Institute of Technology and a former curator of the Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His books include Einstein Before Israel (Princeton).