Ernest Hemingway. Supplement to Ernest Hemingway
A Comprehensive Bibliography
Audre Hanneman


This supplementary bibliography describes work by and about Ernest Hemingway published between 1966 and 1973.

Part One lists publications by Hemingway, including six recent books, new editions of previously published volumes, and work by other authors to which Hemingway contributed. Translations and anthologies are entered, as are previously unpublished writings and material reprinted in newspapers and periodicals (including articles recently attributed to Hemingway).

The first half of Part Two lists 448 books and pamphlets on or mentioning Hemingway. The second half describes work that appeared in newspapers and journals, including articles, reviews, poems, critical essays, and textual studies. Foreign publications arc noted throughout Part Two. Omissions to the first volume of the bibliography have been entered in each section.

First published in 1975.