Psychedelics and the College Student. Student Committee on Mental Health. Princeton University
Committee on Mental Health Student


Contents: Introduction: Psychedelics, page 1. Glossary, page 4. Legal Aspects of Drug Use, page 7. Medical Aspects of Drug Use, page 8. Social Aspects of Drug Use, page 11. The Psychedelic 'Experience', page 16. A Successful Trip, page 16. An Unsuccessful Trip, page 17. Counsel and Information, page 19. Conclusions, page 20. Bibliography: Psychedelics, page 21. Introduction: Amphetamines / Barbiturates, page 25. Legal Aspects, page 25. Medical Aspects, page 26. Amphetamines, page 26. Barbiturates, page 27. Sociological Aspects, page 28. Counsel and Information, page 30. Bibliography: Amphetamines / Barbiturates, page 30.

First published in 1967.