The Birth of Fascist Ideology
From Cultural Rebellion to Political Revolution
Zeev Sternhell
With Mario Sznajder and Maia Asheri
Translated by David Maisel


When The Birth of Fascist Ideology was first published in 1989 in France and in 1993 in Italy, it aroused a storm of response, both positive and negative. In Sternhell's view, fascism was much more than an episode in the history of Italy. He argues here that it possessed a coherent ideology with deep roots in European civilization. Long before fascism became a political force, he maintains, it was a major cultural phenomenon.

Zeev Sternhell is Léon Blum Professor of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. David Maisel has also translated Sternhell's Neither Right nor Left: Fascist Ideology in France (forthcoming from Princeton).