Modern Methods in Complex Analysis (AM-137), Volume 137
The Princeton Conference in Honor of Gunning and Kohn. (AM-137)
Edited by Thomas Bloom, David W. Catlin, John P. D'Angelo, & Yum-Tong Siu


The fifteen articles composing this volume focus on recent developments in complex analysis. Written by well-known researchers in complex analysis and related fields, they cover a wide spectrum of research using the methods of partial differential equations as well as differential and algebraic geometry. The topics include invariants of manifolds, the complex Neumann problem, complex dynamics, Ricci flows, the Abel-Radon transforms, the action of the Ricci curvature operator, locally symmetric manifolds, the maximum principle, very ampleness criterion, integrability of elliptic systems, and contact geometry. Among the contributions are survey articles, which are especially suitable for readers looking for a comprehensive, well-presented introduction to the most recent important developments in the field.

The contributors are R. Bott, M. Christ, J. P. D'Angelo, P. Eyssidieux, C. Fefferman, J. E. Fornaess, H. Grauert, R. S. Hamilton, G. M. Henkin, N. Mok, A. M. Nadel, L. Nirenberg, N. Sibony, Y.-T. Siu, F. Treves, and S. M. Webster.

First published in 1995.

Thomas Bloom is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto. David W. Catlin is Professor of Mathematics at Purdue University. John P. D'Angelo is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois, Urbana. Yum-Tong Siu is William Elwood Byerly Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University.