A Guide to the Birds of Western Africa
Nik Borrow & Ron Demey


This is a major new guide covering the birds of all western African countries, from Senegal and southern Mauritania east to Chad and the Central African Republic and south to Congo. No other field guide covers this region exclusively and in such comprehensive depth.

A Guide to the Birds of Western Africa describes 1,285 species, representing the entire avifauna of the region. There are 147 original color plates, all painted by the same leading illustrator, comprising over 3,000 figures and depicting almost all the species described. The detailed species accounts cover all identification criteria, including differences between similar species, voice, habits, habitat, breeding, distribution, and status. The text also features color distribution maps for over 1,100 species, and numerous line drawings illustrate particular aspects of behavior and identification.

Both authors have gained extensive field experience over many years in western Africa. Their knowledge and expertise shines through in this outstanding guide to one of the world's most exciting birding regions.

  • Comprehensive coverage of all 1,285 species found in the region
  • 23 separate countries and territories covered
  • Clear and authoritative text detailing differences between similar species, voice, habits, habitat, breeding, distribution, and status
  • Over 3,000 original color illustrations, depicting all key plumages
  • Concise plate captions summarizing key identification pointers
  • Numerous line drawings illustrating specific aspects of identification and behavior
  • More than 1,100 color distribution maps
Nik Borrow is an acclaimed bird artist whose illustrations have appeared in many magazines and journals. He has been a birding tour leader for many years in Africa and elsewhere, and is an original member of the African Bird Club. Ron Demey is a freelance ornithologist who has lived and worked in several West African countries for many years. He has traveled extensively throughout the region. He serves on the editorial team of the African Bird Club and has worked on several African projects for BirdLife International.