Birds of the Middle East
Second Edition
Richard Porter & Simon Aspinall


Birds of the Middle East is now the most field-ready and comprehensive guide to the fantastic birds of this region. This fully revised and updated second edition covers all species--including vagrants--found in the Arabian Peninsula (including Socotra), Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Cyprus. It features 176 superb color plates depicting more than 800 species, as well as 820 color distribution maps that show the breeding range for almost every species. In this upgraded edition, maps and detailed species accounts are now located opposite the plates, making this stunningly illustrated field guide easier to use than ever.

  • The most comprehensive field guide to the birds of the Middle East
  • Covers more than 800 species--including 100 not covered in the first edition
  • Features 176 color plates depicting all species
  • Includes detailed species accounts and 820 color distribution maps
  • Text and maps now located opposite the color plates

Richard Porter has had a long association with the Middle East and is an adviser on bird conservation for BirdLife International. His books include Birds of the Middle East and North Africa. Simon Aspinall is a lifelong birder who lives in the United Arab Emirates. His books include Shell Birdwatching Guide to the United Arab Emirates.