The Robert Lehman Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Volume XII
European Sculpture and Metalwork
Frits Scholten


This volume catalogs the more than two hundred remarkable and varied pieces of European sculpture and metalwork--dating from the Middle Ages through the twentieth century--amassed by Robert Lehman, one of the foremost art collectors of his generation. Highlights of the collection's exemplary aquamanilia, bronze sculptures, medals, and plaquettes include a medieval aquamanile, the finest of its type, depicting the theme of foolish love in the fable of Phyllis and Aristotle, as well as a commanding figure of Mars in the guise of a musketeer loading his weapon, dating to the seventeenth century. Each work in this catalog is illustrated, in many cases with new color photography, and elucidated by in-depth scholarly discussion.

Frits Scholten is senior curator of sculpture at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. He has published widely on European sculpture and decorative arts.