Discover Butterflies in Britain
Newland, D. E


From the Swallowtail to the Small Blue, the largest to the smallest, from the swooping fritillaries to the sedentary hairstreaks, the variety and color of Britain's butterflies will astonish you.

To see all except the common garden butterflies, you need to know when and where to look. This book tells you. With a little preparation and planning, all of the British butterflies can be enjoyed flying in the wild. If you go to the hotspots at the right time, follow the directions given, and are willing to be patient, you should be able to discover even the rarest species. In your search, you will also explore some of the best of the British countryside.

  • Descriptions and photographs of 66 good places to find butterflies

  • Selection by site or species

  • Full color throughout, with stunning images of the 66 localities, and of all the British butterfly species

  • Illustrations on all pages

  • Historical information about dates of discovery of species and name changes over the years

  • At least 1 hotspot for every rare species

  • Gazetteer with an extended list of butterfly reserves

  • Bibliography and a full list of relevant Web sites

D. E. Newland is the coauthor of the WILDGuides title Britain's Butterflies. He lives near Cambridge, United Kingdom.