Red Kite Country
A Celebration of the Wildlife and Landscape of Mid Wales
Mike Read & Colin Woolf
With a foreword by Iolo Williams


Red Kite Country is a celebration of the wildlife and landscape of Mid Wales. Through their superb photographs and beautiful watercolor paintings, Mike Read and Colin Woolf have captured the essence of this unspoiled area, bringing its many moods and seasons to life in a collection of stunning images. Their aim was to show the reader not only Mid Wales' large-scale scenic beauty but also the fascinating smaller details that are so often overlooked: this book will open your eyes to the hidden treasures of the Mid Wales countryside.

Red Kite Country is the culmination of four years' work for Read and Woolf, who have spent many hours waiting patiently and observing their subjects, in many cases returning to a site several times in order to catch that perfect moment when the weather or light conditions were just right. The authors' love of their subjects--from delicate, humble mosses underfoot to the majestic Red Kite soaring overhead--is evident in the superb quality of the images. The text is light and easy to absorb, written to inform but also to provoke further thought and exploration.

The precious environment of Mid Wales is under threat, and some important conservation issues are highlighted: the constantly changing landscape reflects the shifting patterns of farming, the increase in leisure pursuits, and growing demands for the supply of power. Described as "Wales' best-kept secret," Mid Wales remains undiscovered--an oasis of calm. Red Kite Country will convince you of its unique and outstanding beauty.

It is lavishly illustrated with photographs, paintings, and sketches, and includes a whole section on the Red Kite, a rare native of Mid Wales. The printing and production of this book are of the highest quality, and great care has been taken to reproduce the images as faithfully as possible.

Mike Read has been a professional nature photographer since 1984. He wrote and illustrated New Forest Moods and has cowritten several others books. Colin Woolf is recognized as one of the UK's leading wildlife artists. He has contributed to many books, including the BBC Field Guide to Birds.