Arable Plants
Phil Wilson & Miles King


This book concentrates on the group of plants showing the steepest decline among British flora over the past 25 years--plants that grow among the crops.

  • Easy-to-use format is designed to enable people to take it into the field and to identify these species whether they are a beginner or an expert

  • The text covers the history of--and includes practical recommendations for managing--the places where these plants still occur

  • 100 plant profiles include key identification features, flowering and germination times, and differences between similar species

  • Color distribution maps show where these plants have been seen in the past 25 years, while the accompanying text indicates their current location

Phil Wilson and Miles King work as independent freelance conservation consultants. Wilson has been studying Britain's arable flora since 1985 with the Nature Conservancy Council and the Game Conservancy Trust, with whom he gained his PhD in 1990. King worked at the Avon Wildlife Trust and BBONT. Both have worked for English Nature and with the plant conservation charity Plantlife.