Jack WertheimerThe New American Judaism: How Jews Practice Their Religion Today

Create Meaning or Fade Away: The Dilemma Facing American Jews

Monday, February 24

6:30 PM

$36 includes 1 book (given at random)

$99 includes reserved section seating and all 7 books

In an increasingly secular world of endless choices and fragmented identities, does American Jewry have a future? Or are we destined to become a historical footnote? What, if anything, will sustain our community? 

Join Gal Beckerman, an editor at The New York Times Book Review, and seven other authors to wrestle with answers to these crucial questions: Can religion again become our glue? Can it be replaced by a sense of peoplehood or a bond with Israel? How can we find new sources of meaning and rootedness to maintain our Jewish identity?


Edmund Case (Radical Inclusion)

Sarah Hurwitz (Here All Along

Tal Keinan (God Is in the Crowd)

Robert Mnookin (The Jewish American Paradox)

Pamela Nadell (America’s Jewish Women)

Steven R. Weisman (The Chosen Wars)

Jack Wertheimer (The New American Judaism)

This program is co-presented with the Jewish Book Council

About the Author


Jack Wertheimer is professor of American Jewish history at the Jewish Theological Seminary. His many books include The New Jewish Leaders: Reshaping the American Jewish LandscapeFamily Matters: Jewish Education in an Age of Choice, and A People Divided: Judaism in Contemporary America.