T. P. WisemanThe House of Augustus

The Heffers 2019 Classics Forum.

Join us in the Old Library at Emmanuel College, Cambridge for a day of talks by some of the top names in the world of classics, including Ferdinand Addis (‘Rome: Eternal City’), Paul Cartledge (‘Thebes: the Lost city of Ancient Greece?’), Armand D’Angour (‘Socrates in Love’), Daisy Dunn (‘In the Shadow of Vesuvius: A Life of Pliny’), Nicola Gardini (‘Long Live Latin’), Natalie Haynes (‘A Thousand Ships’), Violet Moller (‘The Map of Knowledge’), Tony Spawforth (‘The Story of Greece and Rome’), David Stuttard (‘Roman Mythology’), Jerry Toner (‘Infamy: The Crimes of Ancient Rome’) and Peter Wiseman (‘The House of Augustus: A Historical Detective Story.’)


Tickets £26.


About the Author

T. P. Wiseman is Professor Emeritus of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter. His many books include The Roman Audience and Julius Caesar.