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Introduction to the Physics of Rocks
Yves Guéguen & Victor Palciauskas

Hardcover | 1994 | $125.00 / £85.00 | ISBN: 9780691034522
304 pp. | 6 x 9 | 8 halftones. 190 line illus. 26 tables. | SHOPPING CART

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Finding viable solutions to many of the problems threatening our environment hinges on understanding the rocks below the earth's surface. For those evaluating the relative hazards of radioactive waste sites, investigating energy resources such as oil, gas, and hydrothermal energy, studying the behavior of natural hazards like earthquakes and volcanoes, or charting the flow of groundwater through the earth, this book will be indispensable. Until now, there has been no book that treats the subject of the nature and behavior of rocks in a comprehensive yet accessible manner. Yves Guéguen and Victor Palciauskas first discuss the physical properties of rocks, proceeding by chapter through mechanical, fluid flow, acoustical, electrical, dielectric, thermal, and magnetic properties. Then they provide the theoretical framework for achieving reliable data and making reasonable inferences about the aggregate system within the earth. Introduction to the Physics of Rocks covers the important and most current theoretical approaches to the physics of inhomogeneous media, including theoretical bounds on properties, various effective medium theories, percolation, and fractals.

This book will be of use to students and researchers in civil, petroleum, and environmental engineering and to geologists, geophysicists, hydrologists, and other earth scientists interested in the physics of the earth. Its clear presentation, with problems at the end of each chapter and selective references, will make it ideal for advanced undergraduate-or graduate-level courses.


"Fills a unique and previously vacant niche by providing a comprehensive, up-to-date and accessible introduction to Earth-science applications of modern theories in rock physics."--Nature

Table of Contents:

Preface and Acknowledgments
IIPorous Media17
IIIHeterogeneous Media53
IVMechanical Behavior of Dry Rocks73
VCirculation of Fluids: Permeability117
VIMechanical Behavior of Fluid-Saturated Rocks135
VIIAcoustic Properties159
VIIIElectrical Conductivity182
IXDielectric Properties212
XThermal Conductivity254
XIMagnetic Properties278

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