History of Science & Knowledge

The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 17 (Translation Supplement): The Berlin Years: Writings and Correspondence, June 1929–November 1930

    Edited by
  • Diana K. Buchwald

An English-language edition of selected correspondence and papers of Albert Einstein


Published (US):
Sep 3, 2024
Published (UK):
Oct 29, 2024
7.5 x 10 in.
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A translation of selected non-English texts included in Volume 17 is available in paperback. Since this supplementary paperback includes only select portions of Volume 17, it is not recommended for purchase without the main volume.

Every document in The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein appears in the language in which it was written, and this supplementary paperback volume presents the English translations of select portions of non-English materials in Volume 17. This translation does not include notes or annotations of the documentary volume and is not intended for use without the original language documentary edition, which provides the extensive editorial commentary necessary for a full historical and scientific understanding of the documents.