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Period Period: The Real Story of Menstruation Kate Clancy

A bold and revolutionary perspective on the science and cultural history of menstruation

Free Agents Free Agents: How Evolution Gave Us Free Will Kevin J. Mitchell

An evolutionary case for the existence of free will

How We Age How We Age: The Science of Longevity Coleen T. Murphy

How recent breakthroughs in longevity research offer clues about human aging

The Liars of Nature and the Nature of Liars The Liars of Nature and the Nature of Liars: Cheating and Deception in the Living World Lixing Sun

A natural history of cheating from selfish genes to lying politicians

Elemental Elemental: How Five Elements Changed Earth’s Past and Will Shape Our Future Stephen Porder

An ecologist explores how life itself shapes Earth using the elemental constituents we all share

The Voices of Nature The Voices of Nature: How and Why Animals Communicate Nicolas Mathevon

Songs, barks, roars, hoots, squeals, and growls: exploring the mysteries of how animals communicate by sound

Enchanted by Daphne Enchanted by Daphne: The Life of an Evolutionary Naturalist Peter R. Grant

The extraordinary life story of the celebrated naturalist who transformed our understanding of evolution

The Evolution of Power The Evolution of Power: A New Understanding of the History of Life Geerat Vermeij

A sweeping new account of the role of power in the evolution of all life on Earth

Origin Africa Origin Africa: A Natural History Jonathan Kingdon

A richly illustrated journey through the evolution of Africa’s extraordinary natural world across deep time

Virtual You Virtual You: How Building Your Digital Twin Will Revolutionize Medicine and Change Your Life Peter Coveney and Roger Highfield

The visionary science behind the digital human twins that will enhance our health and our future

Remnants of Ancient Life Remnants of Ancient Life: The New Science of Old Fossils Dale E. Greenwalt

The revolution in science that is transforming our understanding of extinct life

How Fast Did T. rex Run? How Fast Did T. rex Run?: Unsolved Questions from the Frontiers of Dinosaur Science David Hone

The revolution in science that is transforming our understanding of dinosaurs

Piping Hot Bees and Boisterous Buzz-Runners Piping Hot Bees and Boisterous Buzz-Runners: 20 Mysteries of Honey Bee Behavior Solved Thomas D. Seeley

A biologist’s up-close account of how he and fellow biologists cracked long-standing puzzles about honey bee behavior

The Last of Its Kind The Last of Its Kind: The Search for the Great Auk and the Discovery of Extinction Gísli Pálsson

How an iconic bird’s final days exposed the reality of human-caused extinction

How to Do Ecology How to Do Ecology: A Concise Handbook - Third Edition Richard Karban, Mikaela Huntzinger, and Ian S. Pearse

The essential insider’s guide for ecologists at all career stages—now completely updated and expanded

Soft Matter Soft Matter: Concepts, Phenomena, and Applications Wim van Saarloos, Vincenzo Vitelli, and Zorana Zeravcic

A comprehensive, modern introduction to soft matter physics

The Importance of Being Educable The Importance of Being Educable: A New Theory of Human Uniqueness Leslie Valiant

In the Age of AI, our future depends on better understanding what makes us human

Data Science for Neuroimaging Data Science for Neuroimaging: An Introduction Ariel Rokem and Tal Yarkoni

Data science methods and tools—including programming, data management, visualization, and machine learning—and their application to neuroimaging research

Phylogenetic Comparative Methods in R Phylogenetic Comparative Methods in R Liam J. Revell and Luke J. Harmon

An authoritative introduction to the latest comparative methods in evolutionary biology

Life in the Universe, 5th Edition Life in the Universe, 5th Edition Jeffrey Bennett, Seth Shostak, Nicholas Schneider, and Meredith MacGregor

The world’s leading textbook on astrobiology—ideal for an introductory one-semester course and now fully revised and updated

Quantitative Biosciences Quantitative Biosciences: Dynamics across Cells, Organisms, and Populations Joshua S. Weitz

A hands-on approach to quantitative reasoning in the life sciences

The Lion The Lion: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation of an Iconic Species Craig Packer

An authoritative, accessible, and gorgeously illustrated exploration into the lives of these remarkable animals

Honey Bee Biology Honey Bee Biology Brian R. Johnson

The most comprehensive and up-to-date general reference book on honey bee biology

Species Tree Inference Species Tree Inference: A Guide to Methods and Applications Edited by Laura Kubatko and L. Lacey Knowles

An up-to-date reference book on phylogenetic methods and applications for evolutionary biologists

The Human Evolutionary Transition The Human Evolutionary Transition: From Animal Intelligence to Culture Magnus Enquist, Stefano Ghirlanda, and Johan Lind

A major new theory of why human intelligence has not evolved in other species

The Ecology of Collective Behavior The Ecology of Collective Behavior Deborah M. Gordon

A groundbreaking new perspective on collective behavior across biological systems

The Evolution of Biological Information The Evolution of Biological Information: How Evolution Creates Complexity, from Viruses to Brains Christoph Adami

Why information is the unifying principle that allows us to understand the evolution of complexity in nature

Microbial Life History Microbial Life History: The Fundamental Forces of Biological Design Steven A. Frank

A powerful framework for understanding how natural selection shapes adaptation and biological design

Insects and Their Beneficial Microbes Insects and Their Beneficial Microbes Angela E. Douglas

A comprehensive overview of symbiotic relationships between insects and microbes

A Dog's World A Dog's World: Imagining the Lives of Dogs in a World without Humans Jessica Pierce and Marc Bekoff

From two of the world’s leading authorities on dogs, an imaginative journey into a future of dogs without people

Spark Spark: The Life of Electricity and the Electricity of Life Timothy J. Jorgensen

A fresh look at electricity and its powerful role in life on Earth

Life's Engines Life's Engines: How Microbes Made Earth Habitable Paul G. Falkowski

The marvelous microbes that made life on Earth possible and support our very existence

A History of Biology A History of Biology Michel Morange

A comprehensive history of the biological sciences from antiquity to the modern era

The Mind of a Bee The Mind of a Bee Lars Chittka

A rich and surprising exploration of the intelligence of bees

The Spike The Spike: An Epic Journey Through the Brain in 2.1 Seconds Mark Humphries

The story of a neural impulse and what it reveals about how our brains work

A Most Interesting Problem A Most Interesting Problem: What Darwin’s Descent of Man Got Right and Wrong about Human Evolution Edited by Jeremy DeSilva

Leading scholars take stock of Darwin's ideas about human evolution in the light of modern science

Ice Rivers Ice Rivers: A Story of Glaciers, Wilderness, and Humanity Jemma Wadham

A passionate eyewitness account of the mysteries and looming demise of glaciers—and what their fate means for our shared future

Hard to Break Hard to Break: Why Our Brains Make Habits Stick Russell Poldrack

The neuroscience of why bad habits are so hard to break—and how evidence-based strategies can help us change our behavior more effectively

The Genetic Lottery The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA Matters for Social Equality Kathryn Paige Harden

A provocative and timely case for how the science of genetics can help create a more just and equal society

Delicious Delicious: The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human Rob Dunn and Monica Sanchez

A savory account of how the pursuit of delicious foods shaped human evolution

Super Courses Super Courses: The Future of Teaching and Learning Ken Bain

From the bestselling author of What the Best College Teachers Do, the story of a new breed of amazingly innovative courses that inspire students and improve learning

The Secret Body The Secret Body: How the New Science of the Human Body Is Changing the Way We Live Daniel M. Davis

“A perfect blend of cutting-edge science and compelling storytelling.”—Bill Bryson

A revolutionary new vision of human biology and the scientific breakthroughs that will transform our lives

The Self-Assembling Brain The Self-Assembling Brain: How Neural Networks Grow Smarter Peter Robin Hiesinger

What neurobiology and artificial intelligence tell us about how the brain builds itself

The Logic of Life The Logic of Life: A History of Heredity François Jacob

“The most remarkable history of biology that has ever been written.”—Michel Foucault

The Hidden Company That Trees Keep The Hidden Company That Trees Keep: Life from Treetops to Root Tips James B. Nardi

A spectacularly illustrated journey into the intimate communities that native trees share with animals, insects, fungi, and microbes

Ants Ants: A Visual Guide Heather Campbell and Benjamin Blanchard

A richly illustrated natural history of ants, covering their diversity, ecology, anatomy, behavior, and more

Tooth and Claw Tooth and Claw: Top Predators of the World Robert M. Johnson III, Sharon L. Gilman, and Daniel C. Abel

A marvelously illustrated look at the most deadly predators on the planet

The Complete Insect The Complete Insect: Anatomy, Physiology, Evolution, and Ecology Edited by David A. Grimaldi

A beautifully illustrated exploration of the world’s most extraordinary animals

Dinosaur Behavior Dinosaur Behavior: An Illustrated Guide Michael J. Benton

A stunningly illustrated guide to these extraordinary creatures from a world-renowned paleontologist

Ocean Life in the Time of Dinosaurs Ocean Life in the Time of Dinosaurs Nathalie Bardet, Alexandra Houssaye, Stéphane Jouve, and Peggy Vincent

A richly illustrated introduction to the spectacular reptiles that swam the oceans when dinosaurs roamed the land

Sea Mammals Sea Mammals: The Past and Present Lives of Our Oceans’ Cornerstone Species Annalisa Berta

A richly illustrated introduction to the world’s living and extinct sea mammals

The Lives of Butterflies The Lives of Butterflies: A Natural History of Our Planet's Butterfly Life David G. James and David J. Lohman

A beautifully illustrated introduction to the lives of butterflies around the world

The Lives of Seaweeds The Lives of Seaweeds: A Natural History of Our Planet's Seaweeds and Other Algae Julie A. Phillips

An engaging and richly illustrated exploration of the natural history of seaweeds and other algae

The Lives of Octopuses and Their Relatives The Lives of Octopuses and Their Relatives: A Natural History of Cephalopods Danna Staaf

An engaging and beautifully illustrated introduction to some of the world’s most interesting and charismatic marine creatures

The Lives of Sharks The Lives of Sharks: A Natural History of Shark Life Daniel C. Abel and R. Dean Grubbs

A richly illustrated and comprehensive introduction to the world’s sharks

Birds and Us Birds and Us: A 12,000-Year History from Cave Art to Conservation Tim Birkhead

From award-winning author and ornithologist Tim Birkhead, a sweeping history of the long and close relationship between birds and humans

Parasites Parasites: The Inside Story Scott Lyell Gardner, Judy Diamond, and Gabor R. Rácz

An exciting look at the essential roles that parasites play in Earth’s ecosystems

Viruses Viruses: A Natural History Marilyn J. Roossinck

A comprehensive and richly illustrated introduction to the world of viruses

The Deep Ocean The Deep Ocean: Life in the Abyss Michael Vecchione, Louise Allcock, Imants Priede, and Hans van Haren

An epic excursion into one of the last great frontiers on Earth

The Lives of Beetles The Lives of Beetles: A Natural History of Coleoptera Arthur V. Evans

A richly illustrated introduction to the incredible world of beetles

Handbook of Mammals of Madagascar Handbook of Mammals of Madagascar Nick Garbutt

Beautifully illustrated and authoritative, the most up-to-date and comprehensive photographic guide to Madagascar’s mammals

The New Natural History of Madagascar The New Natural History of Madagascar Edited by Steven M. Goodman

A marvelously illustrated reference to the natural wonders of one of the most spectacular places on earth

The Princeton Field Guide to Mesozoic Sea Reptiles The Princeton Field Guide to Mesozoic Sea Reptiles Gregory S. Paul

An authoritative illustrated guide to the mighty reptiles that dominated the seas of the Mesozoic for 185 million years

The World Atlas of Trees and Forests The World Atlas of Trees and Forests: Exploring Earth's Forest Ecosystems Herman Shugart, Peter White, Sassan Saatchi, and Jérôme Chave

A marvelously illustrated look at the world’s diverse forests and their ecosystems

The Little Book of Beetles The Little Book of Beetles Arthur V. Evans

A charming, richly illustrated, pocket-sized exploration of the world’s beetles

The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs    Third Edition The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs Third Edition Gregory S. Paul

A fully updated and expanded edition of the acclaimed, bestselling dinosaur field guide

Field Guide to Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras of the East Coast of North America Field Guide to Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras of the East Coast of North America Marc Dando and David A. Ebert

The definitive field guide to all the sharks, rays and chimaeras of eastern North America

Treepedia Treepedia: A Brief Compendium of Arboreal Lore Joan Maloof

A captivating A–Z treasury for the tree hugger in all of us

Dinopedia Dinopedia: A Brief Compendium of Dinosaur Lore Darren Naish

An illuminating and entertaining collection of dinosaur facts, from A to Z

Birdpedia Birdpedia: A Brief Compendium of Avian Lore Christopher W. Leahy

A captivating A–Z treasury about birds and birding

Insectpedia Insectpedia: A Brief Compendium of Insect Lore Eric R. Eaton

A fun and fact-filled A–Z treasury for the insect lover in all of us

Geopedia Geopedia: A Brief Compendium of Geologic Curiosities Marcia Bjornerud

A garden of geologic delights for all Earthlings

Florapedia Florapedia: A Brief Compendium of Floral Lore Carol Gracie

A delightful illustrated treasury of botanical facts and fancy

Fungipedia Fungipedia: A Brief Compendium of Mushroom Lore Lawrence Millman

"This little book is big fun."—Michael Pollan

An illustrated mini-encyclopedia of fungal lore, from John Cage and Terence McKenna to mushroom sex and fairy rings

Neuropedia Neuropedia: A Brief Compendium of Brain Phenomena Eric H. Chudler

A fun and fact-filled A–Z treasury for anyone with a head on their shoulders

Radical by Nature Radical by Nature: The Revolutionary Life of Alfred Russel Wallace James T. Costa

A major new biography of the brilliant naturalist, traveler, humanitarian, and codiscoverer of natural selection

The Man Who Organized Nature The Man Who Organized Nature: The Life of Linnaeus Gunnar Broberg

A new biography of Carl Linnaeus, offering a vivid portrait of Linnaeus’s life and work

The Mirror and the Mind The Mirror and the Mind: A History of Self-Recognition in the Human Sciences Katja Guenther

How the classic mirror test served as a portal for scientists to explore questions of self-awareness

How to Care about Animals How to Care about Animals: An Ancient Guide to Creatures Great and Small

An entertaining and enlightening anthology of classical Greek and Roman writings on animals—and our vital relationships with them

The Machines of Evolution and the Scope of Meaning The Machines of Evolution and the Scope of Meaning Gary Tomlinson

A groundbreaking account of the origin and place of meaning in the earthly biosphere

Eco-Emancipation Eco-Emancipation: An Earthly Politics of Freedom Sharon R. Krause

The case for an eco-emancipatory politics to release the Earth from human domination and free us all from lives that are both exploitative and exploited

Twinkind Twinkind: The Singular Significance of Twins William Viney

An arresting illustrated history of twins in mythology, science, and visual culture

Fossil Legends of the First Americans Fossil Legends of the First Americans Adrienne Mayor

The burnt-red badlands of Montana's Hell Creek are a vast graveyard of the Cretaceous dinosaurs that lived 68 million years ago. Those hills were, much later, also home to the Sioux, the Crows, and the Blackfeet, the first people to...

What a Mushroom Lives For What a Mushroom Lives For: Matsutake and the Worlds They Make Michael J. Hathaway

How the prized matsutake mushroom is remaking human communities in China—and providing new ways to understand human and more-than-human worlds

Why Size Matters Why Size Matters: From Bacteria to Blue Whales John Tyler Bonner

John Tyler Bonner, one of our most distinguished and creative biologists, here offers a completely new perspective on the role of size in biology. In his hallmark friendly style, he explores the universal impact of being the right size....

When Animals Dream When Animals Dream: The Hidden World of Animal Consciousness David M. Peña-Guzmán

A spellbinding look at the philosophical and moral implications of animal dreaming