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Helen of Troy in Hollywood Helen of Troy in Hollywood Ruby Blondell

How a legendary woman from classical antiquity has come to embody the threat of transcendent beauty in movies and TV

24/7 Politics 24/7 Politics: Cable Television and the Fragmenting of America from Watergate to Fox News Kathryn Cramer Brownell

How cable television upended American political life in the pursuit of profits and influence

Screening Fears Screening Fears: On Protective Media Francesco Casetti

A historical and theoretical investigation of the unexpected ways screen-based media protect and excite viewers’ fears and anxieties of the world

Tricks of the Light Tricks of the Light: Essays on Art and Spectacle Jonathan Crary

Essays on media systems and contemporary art by a leading theorist of modern visual culture

The Mathematical Radio The Mathematical Radio: Inside the Magic of AM, FM, and Single-Sideband Paul Nahin

How a modern radio works, told through mathematics, history, and selected puzzles

Twinkind Twinkind: The Singular Significance of Twins William Viney

An arresting illustrated history of twins in mythology, science, and visual culture

Billy Wilder on Assignment Billy Wilder on Assignment: Dispatches from Weimar Berlin and Interwar Vienna Billy Wilder

A Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year, chosen by Tom Stoppard

"A revelation."—Marc Weingarten, Washington Post

Gawkers Gawkers: Art and Audience in Late Nineteenth-Century France Bridget Alsdorf

How the urban spectator became the archetypal modern viewer and a central subject in late nineteenth-century French art

The Double The Double: Identity and Difference in Art since 1900 James Meyer

A groundbreaking examination of the “double” in modern and contemporary art

Gothic Gothic: An Illustrated History Roger Luckhurst

A richly illustrated history of the Gothic across a wide range of media, including architecture, literature, and film