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Guardrails Guardrails: Guiding Human Decisions in the Age of AI Urs Gasser and Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

How society can shape individual actions in times of uncertainty

The Importance of Being Educable The Importance of Being Educable: A New Theory of Human Uniqueness Leslie Valiant

In the age of AI, why our future depends on better understanding what makes us human

The Real Internet Architecture The Real Internet Architecture: Past, Present, and Future Evolution Pamela Zave and Jennifer Rexford

A new way to understand the architecture of today’s Internet, based on an innovative general model of network architecture that is rigorous, realistic, and modular

Middle Tech Middle Tech: Software Work and the Culture of Good Enough Paula Bialski

Why software isn’t perfect, as seen through the stories of software developers at a run-of-the-mill tech company

Quantitative Biosciences Companion in Python Quantitative Biosciences Companion in Python: Dynamics across Cells, Organisms, and Populations Joshua S. Weitz, Nolan English, Alexander B. Lee, and Ali Zamani

A hands-on lab guide in the Python programming language that enables students in the life sciences to reason quantitatively about living systems across scales

Quantitative Biosciences Companion in R Quantitative Biosciences Companion in R: Dynamics across Cells, Organisms, and Populations Joshua S. Weitz and Marian Domínguez-Mirazo

A hands-on lab guide in the R programming language that enables students in the life sciences to reason quantitatively about living systems across scales

Quantitative Biosciences Companion in MATLAB Quantitative Biosciences Companion in MATLAB: Dynamics across Cells, Organisms, and Populations Joshua S. Weitz and Bradford P. Taylor

A hands-on lab guide in the MATLAB programming language that enables students in the life sciences to reason quantitatively about living systems across scales

The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is: A History, a Philosophy, a Warning Justin Smith-Ruiu

An original deep history of the internet that tells the story of the centuries-old utopian dreams behind it—and explains why they have died today

Modeling Social Behavior Modeling Social Behavior: Mathematical and Agent-Based Models of Social Dynamics and Cultural Evolution Paul E. Smaldino

A comprehensive introduction to mathematical and agent-based modeling of social behavior

Algorithms for the People Algorithms for the People: Democracy in the Age of AI Josh Simons

How to put democracy at the heart of AI governance

Virtual You Virtual You: How Building Your Digital Twin Will Revolutionize Medicine and Change Your Life Peter Coveney and Roger Highfield

The visionary science behind the digital human twins that will enhance our health and our future

The Essence of Software The Essence of Software: Why Concepts Matter for Great Design Daniel Jackson

A revolutionary concept-based approach to thinking about, designing, and interacting with software

"You Are Not Expected to Understand This" "You Are Not Expected to Understand This": How 26 Lines of Code Changed the World Edited by Torie Bosch

Leading technologists, historians, and journalists reveal the stories behind the computer coding that touches all aspects of life—for better or worse

Patterns, Predictions, and Actions Patterns, Predictions, and Actions: Foundations of Machine Learning Moritz Hardt and Benjamin Recht

An authoritative, up-to-date graduate textbook on machine learning that highlights its historical context and societal impacts

Quantitative Social Science Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction in tidyverse Kosuke Imai and Nora Webb Williams

A tidyverse edition of the acclaimed textbook on data analysis and statistics for the social sciences and allied fields

Graph Theory in America Graph Theory in America: The First Hundred Years Robin Wilson, John J. Watkins, and David J. Parks

How a new mathematical field grew and matured in America

Breaking the Social Media Prism Breaking the Social Media Prism: How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing Chris Bail

A revealing look at how user behavior is powering deep social divisions online—and how we might yet defeat political tribalism on social media

Data Driven Data Driven: Truckers, Technology, and the New Workplace Surveillance Karen Levy

A behind-the-scenes look at how digital surveillance is affecting the trucking way of life

Bedeviled Bedeviled: A Shadow History of Demons in Science Jimena Canales

How scientists through the ages have conducted thought experiments using imaginary entities—demons—to test the laws of nature and push the frontiers of what is possible

The Self-Assembling Brain The Self-Assembling Brain: How Neural Networks Grow Smarter Peter Robin Hiesinger

What neurobiology and artificial intelligence tell us about how the brain builds itself

Behind Deep Blue Behind Deep Blue: Building the Computer That Defeated the World Chess Champion Feng-hsiung Hsu

The riveting quest to construct the machine that would take on the world’s greatest human chess playertold by the man who built it

Metrics at Work Metrics at Work: Journalism and the Contested Meaning of Algorithms Angèle Christin

The starkly different ways that American and French online news companies respond to audience analytics and what this means for the future of news

Dark Data Dark Data: Why What You Don’t Know Matters David J. Hand

A practical guide to making good decisions in a world of missing data

Robot Ecology Robot Ecology: Constraint-Based Design for Long-Duration Autonomy Magnus Egerstedt

A revolutionary new framework that draws on insights from ecology for the design and analysis of long-duration robots

Text as Data Text as Data: A New Framework for Machine Learning and the Social Sciences Justin Grimmer, Margaret E. Roberts, and Brandon M. Stewart

A guide for using computational text analysis to learn about the social world

Understanding the Digital World Understanding the Digital World: What You Need to Know about Computers, the Internet, Privacy, and Security, Second Edition Brian W. Kernighan

A brand-new edition of the popular introductory textbook that explores how computer hardware, software, and networks work

Data Science for Neuroimaging Data Science for Neuroimaging: An Introduction Ariel Rokem and Tal Yarkoni

Data science methods and tools—including programming, data management, visualization, and machine learning—and their application to neuroimaging research