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The Empire of Climate The Empire of Climate: A History of an Idea David N. Livingstone

How the specter of climate has been used to explain history since antiquity

Slouch Slouch: Posture Panic in Modern America Beth Linker

The strange and surprising history of the so-called epidemic of bad posture in modern America—from eugenics and posture pageants to today’s promoters of “paleo posture”

Natural Magic Natural Magic: Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin, and the Dawn of Modern Science Renée Bergland

A captivating portrait of the poet and the scientist who shared an enchanted view of nature

The Man Who Organized Nature The Man Who Organized Nature: The Life of Linnaeus Gunnar Broberg

A new biography of Carl Linnaeus, offering a vivid portrait of Linnaeus’s life and work

Radical by Nature Radical by Nature: The Revolutionary Life of Alfred Russel Wallace James T. Costa

A major biography of the brilliant naturalist, traveler, humanitarian, and codiscoverer of natural selection

The Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought The Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought: French Sociology and the Overseas Empire George Steinmetz

A new history of French social thought that connects postwar sociology to colonialism and empire

Classical Probability in the Enlightenment, New Edition Classical Probability in the Enlightenment, New Edition Lorraine Daston

An award-winning history of the Enlightenment quest to devise a mathematical model of rationality

The Einsteinian Revolution The Einsteinian Revolution: The Historical Roots of His Breakthroughs Jürgen Renn and Hanoch Gutfreund

How the Einsteinian revolution can be understood as the result of a long-term evolution of science

Birthing Romans Birthing Romans: Childbearing and Its Risks in Imperial Rome Anna Bonnell Freidin

How Romans coped with the anxieties and risks of childbirth