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The Point of No Return The Point of No Return: American Democracy at the Crossroads Thomas Byrne Edsall

How Donald Trump laid waste to American politics, culture, and social order

Merchants of the Right Merchants of the Right: Gun Sellers and the Crisis of American Democracy Jennifer Carlson

An eye-opening portrait of the gun sellers who navigated the social turmoil leading up to the January 6 Capitol attack

The New Makers of Modern Strategy The New Makers of Modern Strategy: From the Ancient World to the Digital Age Edited by Hal Brands

The essential resource on military and political strategy and the making of the modern world

24/7 Politics 24/7 Politics: Cable Television and the Fragmenting of America from Watergate to Fox News Kathryn Cramer Brownell

How cable television upended American political life in the pursuit of profits and influence

How to Interpret the Constitution How to Interpret the Constitution Cass R. Sunstein

From New York Times bestselling author Cass Sunstein, a timely and powerful argument for rethinking how the U.S. Constitution is interpreted

Liberalism as a Way of Life Liberalism as a Way of Life Alexandre Lefebvre

Why liberalism is all you need to lead a good, fun, worthy, and rewarding life—and how you can become a better and happier person by taking your liberal beliefs more seriously

To Build a Black Future To Build a Black Future: The Radical Politics of Joy, Pain, and Care Christopher Paul Harris

An incisive portrait of how the new Black politics can forge a future centered on collective action, community, and care

Black Grief/White Grievance Black Grief/White Grievance: The Politics of Loss Juliet Hooker

How race shapes expectations about whose losses matter

The Darkened Light of Faith The Darkened Light of Faith: Race, Democracy, and Freedom in African American Political Thought Melvin L. Rogers

A powerful new account of what a group of nineteenth- and twentieth-century African American activists, intellectuals, and artists can teach us about democracy

A Fabulous Failure A Fabulous Failure: The Clinton Presidency and the Transformation of American Capitalism Nelson Lichtenstein and Judith Stein

How the Clinton administration betrayed its progressive principles and capitulated to the right

The Civic Bargain The Civic Bargain: How Democracy Survives Brook Manville and Josiah Ober

A powerful case for democracy and how it can adapt and survive—if we want it to

The Chile Project The Chile Project: The Story of the Chicago Boys and the Downfall of Neoliberalism Sebastian Edwards

How Chile became home to the world’s most radical free-market experiment—and what its downfall suggests about the fate of neoliberalism around the globe

Hillbilly Highway Hillbilly Highway: The Transappalachian Migration and the Making of a White Working Class Max Fraser

The largely untold story of the great migration of white southerners to the industrial Midwest and its profound and enduring political and social consequences

The Pandemic Paradox The Pandemic Paradox: How the COVID Crisis Made Americans More Financially Secure Scott Fulford

Why most Americans’ finances improved during the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression—and the policy choices that made this possible

Economics in America Economics in America: An Immigrant Economist Explores the Land of Inequality Angus Deaton

From the Nobel Prize–winning economist and New York Times bestselling coauthor of Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism, candid reflections on the economist’s craft

The Gospel of J. Edgar Hoover The Gospel of J. Edgar Hoover: How the FBI Aided and Abetted the Rise of White Christian Nationalism Lerone A. Martin

The shocking untold story of how the FBI partnered with white evangelicals to champion a vision of America as a white Christian nation

Democracy Erodes from the Top Democracy Erodes from the Top: Leaders, Citizens, and the Challenge of Populism in Europe Larry M. Bartels

Why leaders, not citizens, are the driving force in Europe’s crisis of democracy

The Individualists The Individualists: Radicals, Reactionaries, and the Struggle for the Soul of Libertarianism Matt Zwolinski and John Tomasi

A sweeping history of libertarian thought, from radical anarchists to conservative defenders of the status quo

The Power of Hope The Power of Hope: How the Science of Well-Being Can Save Us from Despair Carol Graham

Why hope matters as a metric of economic and social well-being

The Dean of Shandong The Dean of Shandong: Confessions of a Minor Bureaucrat at a Chinese University Daniel A. Bell

An inside view of Chinese academia and what it reveals about China’s political system

Engage and Evade Engage and Evade: How Latino Immigrant Families Manage Surveillance in Everyday Life Asad L. Asad

How everyday forms of surveillance threaten undocumented immigrants—but also offer them hope for societal inclusion

Political Rumors Political Rumors: Why We Accept Misinformation and How to Fight It Adam J. Berinsky

Why debunked political rumors persist and how to combat them

Shame Shame: The Politics and Power of an Emotion David Keen

The uses of shame (and shamelessness) in spheres that range from social media and consumerism to polarized politics and mass violence

Liberty and Equality Liberty and Equality Raymond Aron

An invaluable reflection on the essence of liberal democracy—and an ideal introduction to the work of political philosopher Raymond Aron

The Suburban Crisis The Suburban Crisis: White America and the War on Drugs Matthew D. Lassiter

How the drug war transformed American political culture

Viral Justice Viral Justice: How We Grow the World We Want Ruha Benjamin

From the author of Race After Technology, an inspiring vision of how we can build a more just world—one small change at a time

“A true gift to our movements for justice.”—Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow

Adam Smith’s America Adam Smith’s America: How a Scottish Philosopher Became an Icon of American Capitalism Glory M. Liu

The unlikely story of how Americans canonized Adam Smith as the patron saint of free markets

Aporophobia Aporophobia: Why We Reject the Poor Instead of Helping Them Adela Cortina

Why “aporophobia”—rejection of the poor—is one of the most serious problems facing the world today, and how we can fight it

The Idea of Prison Abolition The Idea of Prison Abolition Tommie Shelby

An incisive and sympathetic examination of the case for ending the practice of imprisonment

Kennan Kennan: A Life between Worlds Frank Costigliola

A definitive biography of the U.S. diplomat and prize-winning historian George F. Kennan

The Only Woman in the Room The Only Woman in the Room: Golda Meir and Her Path to Power Pnina Lahav

A feminist biography of the only woman to become prime minister of Israel

Global Discord Global Discord: Values and Power in a Fractured World Order Paul Tucker

How to sustain an international system of cooperation in the midst of geopolitical struggle

The Roots of American Individualism The Roots of American Individualism: Political Myth in the Age of Jackson Alex Zakaras

A panoramic history of American individualism from its nineteenth-century origins to today’s bitterly divided politics

Christianity's American Fate Christianity's American Fate: How Religion Became More Conservative and Society More Secular David A. Hollinger

Tracing the rise of evangelicalism and the decline of mainline Protestantism in American religious and cultural life

An Unwritten Future An Unwritten Future: Realism and Uncertainty in World Politics Jonathan Kirshner

An argument for the classical realist approach to world politics

Capitalism Capitalism: The Story behind the Word Michael Sonenscher

How the history of a word sheds new light on capitalism and modern politics

From Development to Democracy From Development to Democracy: The Transformations of Modern Asia Dan Slater and Joseph Wong

Why some of Asia’s authoritarian regimes have democratized as they have grown richer—and why others haven’t

Revolution and Dictatorship Revolution and Dictatorship: The Violent Origins of Durable Authoritarianism Steven Levitsky and Lucan Way

Why the world’s most resilient dictatorships are products of violent revolution

Brazilian Authoritarianism Brazilian Authoritarianism: Past and Present Lilia Moritz Schwarcz

How Brazil’s long history of racism and authoritarian politics has led to the country’s present crises and epidemic of violence

Human Rights for Pragmatists Human Rights for Pragmatists: Social Power in Modern Times Jack Snyder

An innovative framework for advancing human rights

Failures of Forgiveness Failures of Forgiveness: What We Get Wrong and How to Do Better Myisha Cherry

Philosopher Myisha Cherry teaches us the right ways to deal with wrongdoing in our lives and the world

Talking Cure Talking Cure: An Essay on the Civilizing Power of Conversation Paula Marantz Cohen

An invigorating exploration of the pleasures and social benefits of conversation

Complicit Complicit: How We Enable the Unethical and How to Stop Max H. Bazerman

What all of us can do to fight the pervasive human tendency to enable wrongdoing in the workplace, politics, and beyond

The Grant Writing Guide The Grant Writing Guide: A Road Map for Scholars Betty Lai

A practical guide to effective grant writing for researchers at all stages of their academic careers

The State The State Philip Pettit

A major new account of the state and its importance by a leading political philosopher

Of Rule and Office Of Rule and Office: Plato's Ideas of the Political Melissa Lane

A constitutionalist reading of Plato’s political thought

The Politics of Ritual The Politics of Ritual Molly Farneth

An illuminating look at the transformative role that rituals play in our political lives

Eco-Emancipation Eco-Emancipation: An Earthly Politics of Freedom Sharon R. Krause

The case for an eco-emancipatory politics to release the Earth from human domination and free us all from lives that are both exploitative and exploited

The Life and Death of States The Life and Death of States: Central Europe and the Transformation of Modern Sovereignty Natasha Wheatley

An intellectual history of sovereignty that reveals how the Habsburg Empire became a crucible for our contemporary world order

The Struggle for the People’s King The Struggle for the People’s King: How Politics Transforms the Memory of the Civil Rights Movement Hajar Yazdiha

How the misuses of Martin Luther King’s legacy divide us and undermine democracy

After Kant After Kant: The Romans, the Germans, and the Moderns in the History of Political Thought Michael Sonenscher

Tracing the origins of modern political thought through three sets of arguments over history, morality, and freedom

Algorithms for the People Algorithms for the People: Democracy in the Age of AI Josh Simons

How to put democracy at the heart of AI governance

America before 1787 America before 1787: The Unraveling of a Colonial Regime Jon Elster

An original account, drawing on both history and social science, of the causes and consequences of the American Revolution

Mandeville’s Fable Mandeville’s Fable: Pride, Hypocrisy, and Sociability Robin Douglass

Why we should take Bernard Mandeville seriously as a philosopher

Words and Distinctions for the Common Good Words and Distinctions for the Common Good: Practical Reason in the Logic of Social Science Gabriel Abend

How social scientists' disagreements about their key words and distinctions have been misconceived, and what to do about it

The Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought The Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought: French Sociology and the Overseas Empire George Steinmetz

A new history of French social thought that connects postwar sociology to colonialism and empire

Plato Goes to China Plato Goes to China: The Greek Classics and Chinese Nationalism Shadi Bartsch

The surprising story of how Greek classics are being pressed into use in contemporary China to support the regime’s political agenda

Disrupting D.C. Disrupting D.C.: The Rise of Uber and the Fall of the City Katie J. Wells, Kafui Attoh, and Declan Cullen

A panoramic account of the urban politics and deep social divisions that gave rise to Uber

Queer Career Queer Career: Sexuality and Work in Modern America Margot Canaday

A masterful history of the LGBT workforce in America

The Politics of Language The Politics of Language David Beaver and Jason Stanley

A provocative case for the inherently political nature of language

Chinese Cosmopolitanism Chinese Cosmopolitanism: The History and Philosophy of an Idea Shuchen Xiang

A provocative defense of a forgotten Chinese approach to identity and difference

Corporate Crime and Punishment Corporate Crime and Punishment: The Politics of Negotiated Justice in Global Markets Cornelia Woll

The geopolitics of American law enforcement and how it changed corporate criminal accountability in other countries

Modern Arab Kingship Modern Arab Kingship: Remaking the Ottoman Political Order in the Interwar Middle East Adam Mestyan

How the “recycling” of the Ottoman Empire’s uses of genealogy and religion created new political orders in the Middle East

Origins of the Just War Origins of the Just War: Military Ethics and Culture in the Ancient Near East Rory Cox

A groundbreaking history of the ethics of war in the ancient Near East

Freedom from Fear Freedom from Fear: An Incomplete History of Liberalism Alan S. Kahan

A provocative new history of liberalism that also provides a road map for today’s liberals

Hegel’s World Revolutions Hegel’s World Revolutions Richard Bourke

A new account of the relevance of Hegel’s ideas for today’s world, countering the postwar anti-Hegel "insurgency"

Post-Imperial Possibilities Post-Imperial Possibilities: Eurasia, Eurafrica, Afroasia Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper

A history of three transnational political projects designed to overcome the inequities of imperialism

The Gilded Cage The Gilded Cage: Technology, Development, and State Capitalism in China Ya-Wen Lei

How China’s economic development combines a veneer of unprecedented progress with the increasingly despotic rule of surveillance over all aspects of life

Voicing Politics Voicing Politics: How Language Shapes Public Opinion Efrén Pérez and Margit Tavits

Why your political beliefs are influenced by the language you speak

Election Day Election Day: How We Vote and What It Means for Democracy Emilee Booth Chapman

An original defense of the unique value of voting in a democracy

Political Ethics Political Ethics: A Handbook Edited by Edward Hall and Andrew Sabl

A comprehensive introduction to contemporary political ethics

Protecting the Ballot Protecting the Ballot: How First-Wave Democracies Ended Electoral Corruption Isabela Mares

How reforms limiting electoral misconduct completed the process of democratization

Settling for Less Settling for Less: Why States Colonize and Why They Stop Lachlan McNamee

Why countries colonize the lands of indigenous people

The Geopolitics of Shaming The Geopolitics of Shaming: When Human Rights Pressure Works—and When It Backfires Rochelle Terman

A bold new perspective on the strategic logic of international human rights enforcement

The Institutional Foundation of Economic Development The Institutional Foundation of Economic Development Shiping Tang

A systemic account of how institutions shape economic development

Tocqueville's Dilemmas, and Ours Tocqueville's Dilemmas, and Ours: Sovereignty, Nationalism, Globalization Ewa Atanassow

How Tocqueville’s ideas can help us build resilient liberal democracies in a divided world

Violent Victors Violent Victors: Why Bloodstained Parties Win Postwar Elections Sarah Zukerman Daly

Why populations brutalized in war elect their tormentors

Catholic Women and Mexican Politics, 1750–1940 Catholic Women and Mexican Politics, 1750–1940 Margaret Chowning

How women preserved the power of the Catholic Church in Mexican political life

Popular Politics and the Path to Durable Democracy Popular Politics and the Path to Durable Democracy Mohammad Ali Kadivar

A groundbreaking account of how prolonged grassroots mobilization lays the foundations for durable democratization

The Shamama Case The Shamama Case: Contesting Citizenship across the Modern Mediterranean Jessica M. Marglin

How a nineteenth-century lawsuit over the estate of a wealthy Tunisian Jew shines new light on the history of belonging

The New Global Universities The New Global Universities: Reinventing Education in the 21st Century Bryan Penprase and Noah Pickus

Reimagining higher education around the world: lessons from the creation of eight new colleges and universities in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North America

Utopianism for a Dying Planet Utopianism for a Dying Planet: Life after Consumerism Gregory Claeys

How the utopian tradition offers answers to today’s environmental crises

A Commonwealth of Hope A Commonwealth of Hope: Augustine's Political Thought Michael Lamb

A bold new interpretation of Augustine’s virtue of hope and its place in political life

Guardrails Guardrails: Guiding Human Decisions in the Age of AI Urs Gasser and Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

How society can shape individual actions in times of uncertainty

The Power to Destroy The Power to Destroy: How the Antitax Movement Hijacked America Michael J. Graetz

How the antitax fringe went mainstream—and now threatens America’s future

A World Safe for Commerce A World Safe for Commerce: American Foreign Policy from the Revolution to the Rise of China Dale C. Copeland

An Economist Biggest Book of the Year

How commerce determines whether America preserves the peace or goes to war

Long Problems Long Problems: Climate Change and the Challenge of Governing across Time Thomas Hale

Political strategies for tackling climate change and other “long problems” that span generations

Pax Economica Pax Economica: Left-Wing Visions of a Free Trade World Marc-William Palen

The forgotten history of the liberal radicals, socialist internationalists, feminists, and Christians who envisioned free trade as the necessary prerequisite for anti-imperialism and peace

Counterrevolution Counterrevolution: Extravagance and Austerity in Public Finance Melinda Cooper

A thorough investigation of the current combination of austerity and extravagance that characterizes government spending and central bank monetary policy

Discounting the Future Discounting the Future: The Ascendancy of a Political Technology Liliana Doganova

A pioneering exploration of the defining traits and contradictions of our relationship to the future through the lens of discounting

The Holy Alliance The Holy Alliance: Liberalism and the Politics of Federation Isaac Nakhimovsky

A major new account of the post-Napoleonic Holy Alliance and the promise it held for liberals

The Insiders’ Game The Insiders’ Game: How Elites Make War and Peace Elizabeth N. Saunders

How elites shape the use of force in American foreign policy

How the Heartland Went Red How the Heartland Went Red: Why Local Forces Matter in an Age of Nationalized Politics Stephanie Ternullo

How local contexts help us understand why White voters in America’s heartland are shifting to the right

Active and Passive Citizens Active and Passive Citizens: A Defense of Majoritarian Democracy Richard Tuck

A powerful case for why majority rule—not representation—is the defining feature of democratic politics

The Making of the Modern Muslim State The Making of the Modern Muslim State: Islam and Governance in the Middle East and North Africa Malika Zeghal

An innovative analysis that traces the continuity of the state’s custodianship of Islam as the preferred religion in the Middle East and North Africa

Devotion to the Administrative State Devotion to the Administrative State: Religion and Social Order in Egypt Mona Oraby

Why the pursuit of state recognition by seemingly marginal religious groups in Egypt and elsewhere is a devotional practice

Power to the Public Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology Tara Dawson McGuinness and Hana Schank

“Worth a read for anyone who cares about making change happen.”—Barack Obama

A powerful new blueprint for how governments and nonprofits can harness the power of digital technology to help solve the most serious problems of the twenty-first century

Spies, Lies, and Algorithms Spies, Lies, and Algorithms: The History and Future of American Intelligence Amy B. Zegart

A riveting account of espionage for the digital age, from one of America’s leading intelligence experts

Subtle Tools Subtle Tools: The Dismantling of American Democracy from the War on Terror to Donald Trump Karen J. Greenberg

How policies forged after September 11 were weaponized under Trump and turned on American democracy itself

Spin Dictators Spin Dictators: The Changing Face of Tyranny in the 21st Century Daniel Treisman and Sergei Guriev

A New Yorker Best Book of the Year
A Foreign Affairs Best Book of the Year
An Atlantic Best Book of the Year

The Party and the People The Party and the People: Chinese Politics in the 21st Century Bruce J. Dickson

How the Chinese Communist Party maintains its power by both repressing and responding to its people

Renewal Renewal: From Crisis to Transformation in Our Lives, Work, and Politics Anne-Marie Slaughter

From the acclaimed author of Unfinished Business, a story of crisis and change that can help us find renewed honesty and purpose in our personal and political lives

What Can We Hope For? What Can We Hope For?: Essays on Politics Richard Rorty

Prescient essays about the state of our politics from the philosopher who predicted that a populist demagogue would become president of the United States

The Man Who Understood Democracy The Man Who Understood Democracy: The Life of Alexis de Tocqueville Olivier Zunz

A definitive biography of the French aristocrat who became one of democracy’s greatest champions

What’s the Matter with Delaware? What’s the Matter with Delaware?: How the First State Has Favored the Rich, Powerful, and Criminal—and How It Costs Us All Hal Weitzman

How the “First State” has enabled international crime, sheltered tax dodgers, and diverted hard-earned dollars from the rest of us

The Spectre of War The Spectre of War: International Communism and the Origins of World War II Jonathan Haslam

A bold new history showing that the fear of Communism was a major factor in the outbreak of World War II

Fears of a Setting Sun Fears of a Setting Sun: The Disillusionment of America's Founders Dennis C. Rasmussen

The surprising story of how George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson came to despair for the future of the nation they had created

Why We Are Restless Why We Are Restless: On the Modern Quest for Contentment Benjamin Storey and Jenna Silber Storey

A compelling exploration of how our pursuit of happiness makes us unhappy

Up to Heaven and Down to Hell Up to Heaven and Down to Hell: Fracking, Freedom, and Community in an American Town Colin Jerolmack

A riveting portrait of a rural Pennsylvania town at the center of the fracking controversy

The Great Guide The Great Guide: What David Hume Can Teach Us about Being Human and Living Well Julian Baggini

Invaluable wisdom on living a good life from one of the Enlightenment's greatest philosophers

The Walls Within The Walls Within: The Politics of Immigration in Modern America Sarah R. Coleman

A history of the battles over US immigrants’ rights since 1965—and how these conflicts reshaped access to education, employment, civil liberties, and more

Liberalism in Dark Times Liberalism in Dark Times: The Liberal Ethos in the Twentieth Century Joshua L. Cherniss

A timely defense of liberalism that draws vital lessons from its greatest midcentury proponents

Firepower Firepower: How the NRA Turned Gun Owners into a Political Force Matthew J. Lacombe

How the NRA became a political juggernaut by influencing the behaviors and beliefs of everyday Americans

The Inglorious Years The Inglorious Years: The Collapse of the Industrial Order and the Rise of Digital Society Daniel Cohen

How populism is fueled by the demise of the industrial order and the emergence of a new digital society ruled by algorithms

Laboratories against Democracy Laboratories against Democracy: How National Parties Transformed State Politics Jacob M. Grumbach

As national political fights are waged at the state level, democracy itself pays the price

America in the World America in the World: A History in Documents since 1898, Revised and Updated Edited by Jeffrey A. Engel, Mark Atwood Lawrence, and Andrew Preston

A wide-ranging anthology of primary texts in American foreign relations—now expanded to include documents from the Trump years to today

Thinking like an Economist Thinking like an Economist: How Efficiency Replaced Equality in U.S. Public Policy Elizabeth Popp Berman

The story of how economic reasoning came to dominate Washington between the 1960s and 1980s—and why it continues to constrain progressive ambitions today

The Currency of Politics The Currency of Politics: The Political Theory of Money from Aristotle to Keynes Stefan Eich

Money in the history of political thought, from ancient Greece to the Great Inflation of the 1970s

Modi's India Modi's India: Hindu Nationalism and the Rise of Ethnic Democracy Christophe Jaffrelot

A riveting account of how a popularly elected leader has steered the world's largest democracy toward authoritarianism and intolerance

A War on Global Poverty A War on Global Poverty: The Lost Promise of Redistribution and the Rise of Microcredit Joanne Meyerowitz

A history of US involvement in late twentieth-century campaigns against global poverty and how they came to focus on women

Hannah Arendt and Isaiah Berlin Hannah Arendt and Isaiah Berlin: Freedom, Politics and Humanity Kei Hiruta

For the first time, the full story of the conflict between two of the twentieth century’s most important thinkers—and the lessons their disagreements continue to offer

The War That Doesn't Say Its Name The War That Doesn't Say Its Name: The Unending Conflict in the Congo Jason K. Stearns

Why violence in the Congo has continued despite decades of international intervention

Meir Kahane Meir Kahane: The Public Life and Political Thought of an American Jewish Radical Shaul Magid

The life and politics of an American Jewish activist who preached radical and violent means to Jewish survival

Syrian Requiem Syrian Requiem: The Civil War and Its Aftermath Itamar Rabinovich and Carmit Valensi

A compact, incisive history of a war that was an ominous prelude to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

We Are Not Born Submissive We Are Not Born Submissive: How Patriarchy Shapes Women's Lives Manon Garcia

A philosophical exploration of female submission, using insights from feminist thinkers—especially Simone de Beauvoir—to reveal the complexities of women’s reality and lived experience

Weak Strongman Weak Strongman: The Limits of Power in Putin's Russia Timothy Frye

Looking beyond Putin to understand how today's Russia actually works

Wollstonecraft Wollstonecraft: Philosophy, Passion, and Politics Sylvana Tomaselli

A compelling portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft that shows the intimate connections between her life and work

Theories of International Politics and Zombies Theories of International Politics and Zombies: Apocalypse Edition Daniel W. Drezner

How international relations theory can be applied to a zombie invasion

Nonstate Warfare Nonstate Warfare: The Military Methods of Guerillas, Warlords, and Militias Stephen Biddle

How nonstate military strategies overturn traditional perspectives on warfare

Let's Be Reasonable Let's Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Liberal Education Jonathan Marks

A conservative college professor's compelling defense of liberal education

Syllabus Syllabus: The Remarkable, Unremarkable Document That Changes Everything William Germano and Kit Nicholls

How redesigning your syllabus can transform your teaching, your classroom, and the way your students learn

Political Entrepreneurs Political Entrepreneurs: The Rise of Challenger Parties in Europe Catherine E. De Vries and Sara B. Hobolt

How challenger parties, acting as political entrepreneurs, are changing European democracies

France before 1789 France before 1789: The Unraveling of an Absolutist Regime Jon Elster

A masterful new account of old regime France by one of the world's most prominent political philosophers

Philosophic Pride Philosophic Pride: Stoicism and Political Thought from Lipsius to Rousseau Christopher Brooke

Philosophic Pride is the first full-scale look at the essential place of Stoicism in the foundations of modern political thought. Spanning the period from Justus Lipsius's Politics in 1589 to Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Emile in 1762, and...

Strategic Instincts Strategic Instincts: The Adaptive Advantages of Cognitive Biases in International Politics Dominic D. P. Johnson

"A very timely book."—Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO of New America
How cognitive biases can guide good decision making in politics and international relations

The Age of Social Democracy The Age of Social Democracy: Norway and Sweden in the Twentieth Century Francis Sejersted

A history of how Norway and Sweden became the envy of the modern world

Uncivil Mirth Uncivil Mirth: Ridicule in Enlightenment Britain Ross Carroll

How the philosophers and polemicists of eighteenth-century Britain used ridicule in the service of religious toleration, abolition, and political justice

What Is Political Philosophy? What Is Political Philosophy? Charles Larmore

A new understanding of political philosophy from one of its leading thinkers

Research Design in the Social Sciences Research Design in the Social Sciences: Declaration, Diagnosis, and Redesign Graeme Blair, Alexander Coppock, and Macartan Humphreys

A state-of-the-art approach to evaluating research design for students and scholars across the social sciences

Data Analysis for Social Science Data Analysis for Social Science: A Friendly and Practical Introduction Elena Llaudet and Kosuke Imai

An ideal textbook for complete beginners—teaches from scratch R, statistics, and the fundamentals of quantitative social science

Quantitative Social Science Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction in tidyverse Kosuke Imai and Nora Webb Williams

A tidyverse edition of the acclaimed textbook on data analysis and statistics for the social sciences and allied fields

Completely Free Completely Free: The Moral and Political Vision of John Stuart Mill John Peter DiIulio

An original, unified reconstruction of Mill’s moral and political philosophy—one that finally reveals its consistency and full power