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The Point of No Return The Point of No Return: American Democracy at the Crossroads Thomas Byrne Edsall

How Donald Trump laid waste to American politics, culture, and social order

Merchants of the Right Merchants of the Right: Gun Sellers and the Crisis of American Democracy Jennifer Carlson

An eye-opening portrait of the gun sellers who navigated the social turmoil leading up to the January 6 Capitol attack

The New Makers of Modern Strategy The New Makers of Modern Strategy: From the Ancient World to the Digital Age Edited by Hal Brands

The essential resource on military and political strategy and the making of the modern world

24/7 Politics 24/7 Politics: Cable Television and the Fragmenting of America from Watergate to Fox News Kathryn Cramer Brownell

How cable television upended American political life in the pursuit of profits and influence

How to Interpret the Constitution How to Interpret the Constitution Cass R. Sunstein

From New York Times bestselling author Cass Sunstein, a timely and powerful argument for rethinking how the U.S. Constitution is interpreted

To Build a Black Future To Build a Black Future: The Radical Politics of Joy, Pain, and Care Christopher Paul Harris

An incisive portrait of how the new Black politics can forge a future centered on collective action, community, and care

Liberalism as a Way of Life Liberalism as a Way of Life Alexandre Lefebvre

Why liberalism is all you need to lead a good, fun, worthy, and rewarding life—and how you can become a better and happier person by taking your liberal beliefs more seriously

Black Grief/White Grievance Black Grief/White Grievance: The Politics of Loss Juliet Hooker

How race shapes expectations about whose losses matter

The Darkened Light of Faith The Darkened Light of Faith: Race, Democracy, and Freedom in African American Political Thought Melvin L. Rogers

A powerful new account of what a group of nineteenth- and twentieth-century African American activists, intellectuals, and artists can teach us about democracy

A Fabulous Failure A Fabulous Failure: The Clinton Presidency and the Transformation of American Capitalism Nelson Lichtenstein and Judith Stein

How the Clinton administration betrayed its progressive principles and capitulated to the right