Amin Ghaziani at Southbank CentreLong Live Queer Nightlife: How the Closing of Gay Bars Sparked a Revolution

Far from the gay bar with its largely white, gay male clientele, Long Live Queer Nightlife presents a queer world shimmering with self-empowerment, inventiveness and joy.

There is a dazzling scene of club nights where creatives, many of whom are queer, trans and racial minorities, reclaim the night in the name of those too long left out.

Episodic, nomadic and radically inclusive, club nights are refashioning queer nightlife in boundlessly imaginative and powerfully defiant ways. Join us to remember, and discover, some of the best examples out there.

Zing Tsjeng is Editor in Chief at VICE and VICE UK, where she specialises in arts, culture, identity and current affairs, and has written for publications such as British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Time Out London.

Tsjeng was the inaugural presenter for the Women’s Prize For Fiction podcast. In 2018, Octopus published her four-book series Forgotten Women, which explores the untold stories of inspiring women who have been marginalised from history. She was named one of London’s most influential people in the Evening Standard Progress List and was recognised by Attitude magazine as an LGBTQIA+ trailblazer.

Amin Ghaziani is professor of sociology and Canada Research Chair in Urban Sexualities at the University of British Columbia. He is the award-winning author of The Dividends of Dissent, Sex Cultures and There Goes the Gayborhood?. His work has been featured widely in international media outlets, including the New Yorker, the Financial Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, USA Today and British Vogue.

Tom Rasmussen is a musician, author, journalist, screenwriter, drag queen and more. Their debut album, Body Building (Globe Town Records 2023), fuses dark dance music with an aesthetic and live performance that takes influence from their past life in drag.