Korey Garibaldi at Princeton Public LibraryImpermanent Blackness

Korey Garibaldi discusses his recently published book, Impermanent Blackness: The Making and Unmaking of Interracial Literary Culture in Modern America, with Kinohi Nishikawa at Princeton Public Library.

Korey Garibaldi studies the social and intellectual history of the United States and Europe, with particular interests ranging from the Victorian novelist Henry James to Russia’s national poet, Aleksandr Pushkin. His courses focus on histories of citizenship, imperialism, cultural and economic thought, and the African diaspora.

Kinohi Nishikawa specializes in twentieth- and twenty-first-century African American literature, book history, and popular culture. At Princeton he teaches undergraduate courses on African American humor and African American literary history and graduate seminars on Black archive studies and Black aesthetic theory.