Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sitewide Sale

Is everything 50% off?  

Almost everything available for purchase through our website is 50% off. Exceptions include: books published after April 1, 2024 in the US; not-yet-published books; apps; and Visualizing Dunhuang: The Lo Archive Photographs of the Mogao and Yulin Caves; Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World; and The Atlas of Ancient Rome: Biography and Portraits of the CityNew Natural History of Madagascar; and The Collected Works of C. G. Jung: Revised and Expanded Complete Digital Edition. Simply enter code FIFTY in your shopping cart and the discount will be applied to your order.

Does the discount apply to ebooks and audiobooks?

Yes, the discount applies for most ebooks and audiobooks. Ebooks and audiobooks must be purchased on the PUP website to receive the discount.

Can my order include books that are not included in the sale?

Yes, you can add non-sale books to your cart and check out with those books in the same order. Please note that those books will be priced at the full retail price.

Can I combine the 50% off discount with other offers?

No, the 50% discount is not combinable with other offers.

Is there a limit to the number of books I can order?

There is no order limit on this offer.

I placed my order and entered the discount code, but the order total is incorrect.

We suggest deleting the order and trying again. Be sure the code you are using is correct and remember that the discount applies only to in-print books, with some exclusions.

Is shipping included in the 50% discount?

No it is not. While we attempt to offer a variety of shipping options, we do not have control over shipping costs and fees. We realize the cost of shipping to some parts of the world is at times prohibitive. While we can’t control this, we recommend exploring our ebooks and audiobooks, which are also a part of the sale and available worldwide.

Can I ship my order outside of North America?

Yes, the 50% off sale is available worldwide.

I am shipping a book to the UK or Europe. Must I supply a billing address in the UK or EU?

Yes, for books shipped to the UK or Europe, a UK or European billing address is required.

My order is shipping outside of the United States. Will I be charged any additional fees?

Print book prices quoted exclude taxes and tariffs. If the destination country applies tariffs or taxes on print books, you may be required to pay the VAT or GST amount to the carrier who will advance that import VAT payment to the relevant authorities on your behalf. Any other applicable tariff, duty, taxes or customs clearance charges required by the destination country for importing consumer goods are your responsibility and will be charged to you by your carrier.

Can I take advantage of the sale using a purchase order?

No, the sale only applies to purchases made through our online shopping cart and purchased with a credit card.

My books have not yet arrived. Who should I contact for more information?

For all customer service questions please contact

The sale ended before I had a chance to make a purchase. Is there a way I can take advantage of the sale after May 31, 2024?

If you attempted to use the 50% discount after the sale ends on May 31, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST and received an expiration message, please consider subscribing to our newsletter for special offers and news about our biannual sales. You may subscribe here:

Will there be another 50% off sale this summer?

No, this is our annual 50% off sale.