A playlist for Waterloo Sunrise

A playlist for Waterloo Sunrise

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There are cultural moments that implant themselves in our shared consciousness, impacting how we discuss or recall those times. If someone were to mention the early aughts, for example, chances are we could all point to an event, a celebrity, a song that represents the entire era, not just for one person, but for us all. That recollection is salient, and it serves to ground us in that time in history, without painting the full picture.

Thinking of “The Swinging City” of London, for example, might produce visions of Mick Jagger, mod fashion, or perhaps headlines decreeing The Beatles’ takeover. These sensorial memories acting as place-markers for a period of history, also encourage a narrative that may not reflect the reality of the time. In Waterloo Sunrise, John Davis encourages us to take what we think we know about London during the 60s and 70s and reexamine it to produce a richer, more nuanced understanding of its shared history.

You’re encouraged to enjoy this playlist (put together with the help of an avid fan and music industry insider, Sue Anello) as a gateway into the vivid scene setting of Waterloo Sunrise: London from the Sixties to Thatcher, starting with what we think we know, as we delve into all the things we may have missed.

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