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Quantitative Social Science Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction in Stata
Kosuke Imai and Lori D. Bougher

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Instructor Data Files (Stata)

The downloads below contain the original Stata files for exercises and their solutions for all chapters in Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction in Stata. Each zip file contains a “Read Me” that provides detail about the other files included.

Master Zip of All Instructor Files (with solutions) [ZIP]

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Chapter 1 Introduction (with solutions) [ZIP]

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Chapter 2 Causality (with solutions) [ZIP]

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Chapter 3 Measurement (with solutions) [ZIP]

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Chapter 4 Prediction (with solutions) [ZIP]

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Chapter 5 Probability (with solutions) [ZIP]

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Chapter 6 Uncertainty (with solutions) [ZIP]

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Chapter 7 Discovery (with solutions) [ZIP]

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Student Data Files (Stata)

This download contains the code and data sets needed to complete exercises for all of the chapters in Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction in Stata. It does not contain instructor solutions to the exercises. You may also visit the Student Resources page to access the data files broken out by chapter.

All Student Stata Code and Data Files [ZIP]

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Illustration Package

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