A note to authors from Director Christie Henry

There is nothing we value more as publishers than the integrity of our collaborations with you and the caliber of the books, in all forms, that you entrust to us. As we navigate the unusual circumstances coronavirus has introduced to the entire publishing landscape, and the way we live now, these collaborations with you are ever more our North Star. The success of Princeton University Press’s publishing relies on exemplary partnerships, not only with you as authors, but also with our printers, distributors, booksellers, the media, and of course our readers and listeners. I am writing to you today to let you know that those essential partnerships remain intact and we continue to work to ensure that they do so. It is only through them that we are able to do what PUP does best: bring your work to the readers who, perhaps now more than ever, are eager to connect with it.

Our entire staff, across our three offices in Princeton, Oxford, and Beijing, has transitioned to working remotely and will continue to do so while necessary. They have nonetheless been continuously adapting to the dynamism of this uniquely challenging time with innovative ideas and creative responses. What we know is that printers are operating and continue to print our books and our distribution warehouses across the US and in the UK remain open and continue to ship books. As certain online retailers understandably slow book deliveries to focus on other essential goods needed in these times, independent booksellers have been providing new bookselling possibilities by refocusing on online ordering, local delivery, and curbside pick-up; we encourage you all to support the independents in the months ahead, as we are doing as book buyers ourselves. Media are still vigorously reviewing books and are seeking just the kind of informed content offered by our books and authors. Social media is embracing the book as an essential companion to endure isolation and as sources of knowledge, wisdom, and even refuge amidst the chaos of the daily news cycle. And even while campuses transition to remote learning, there are libraries broadening their collections and seeking to make accessible to students and scholars the scholarship they need. In response, we are amplifying our audio and ebook programs through increased marketing and promotion, temporarily expanding access to library ebook collections, fortifying the print supply chain and expanding it with local printing options, reimagining book events and exhibits with new technologies, including our website, and eagerly forging new media partnerships in support of the long lifecycle of books.

We believe it is critical that our publishing persist in response to this pandemic, as we know that PUP publications will help readers (and listeners) endure the months of isolation and unknowables ahead. Thank you for the vital roles you play in enabling us to do so; your partnerships infuse our publishing with inspiration and meaning. It remains our responsibility and commitment to publish with excellence, which entails being guided in every decision by what is best for you and your books. Thank you for entrusting this responsibility to us, one we cherish and hold ourselves accountable to in perpetuity.

Sending fortitude and gratitude to all.