Hachette Book Group v. Internet Archive ruling

“In rejecting arguments that would have pushed fair use to illogical markers, the court has underscored the importance of authors, publishers, and creative markets in a global society.” —Maria A. Pallante, President and CEO, Association of American Publishers

Princeton University Press celebrates the recent ruling in Hachette Book Group v. Internet Archive, which determined the Internet Archive’s “Open Library” lending to be in violation of copyright protections. Sustainable publishing futures rely on respect for the value of the intellectual property authors entrust to publishers. Library ebook licensing and lending is integral to the open and active exchange of ideas and PUP works actively to foster these exchanges, donating books to build library collections globally; reducing pricing for, and expanding the number of ebooks and audiobooks available to, public libraries; and, during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, partnering with ebook providers to offer students gratis access to digital content. The circulation of unauthorized, scanned copies of books, as has been undertaken by the Internet Archive, is something very different and a fundamental devaluation of authors’ and publishers intellectual and creative investments. With censorship of books on the rise globally, ensuring the viability of the creative economy has never felt more urgent. Read more and find a link to the Internet Archive decision in full, on the Association of American Publisher’s website.