Travel, conference, and remote work update

Publishing is an endeavor of daily unknowables. But, over the last three months, the degrees of unknown have increased exponentially with COVID-19. The global PUP teams have adopted numerous cautions in response to the virus, to protect our collective well-being, as well as that of our collaborators and our families, and to honor our global, civic responsibility.

These decisions include shifting our Oxford and Princeton offices to remote work, from March 16 to April 13, as our Beijing office returns to limited onsite work after being fully remote since January.* We have also suspended staff travel through April 30. We are working with partners around the world to mitigate the impact of myriad event and conference cancellations and regret the missed opportunities for our authors, our readers, and our staff. As a global press, PUP’s mission is shaped in innumerable ways by having travel embedded in our institutional DNA. Our long-term commitment to global circulation and collaboration, and to intrepid exploration for partnerships and publications, remains unwavering. 

In the coming weeks we will be highlighting book lists from conferences we are missing, and those that have been cancelled, across our social media channels—please follow along through conference hashtags. We invite conference-goers to peruse materials on our website and make use of conference discount codes, which we’ve extended to remain valid sixty days after conference dates.

More details, with links to subject catalogs, can be found below. Please take care. We look forward to seeing everyone next year and to ongoing conversation and collaboration until then.

* PUP’s remote work in our North American and European offices has been extended until September 8th.

Conference Discount Codes

Receive a 30% discount by ordering directly online at with the discount applied at checkout.

SIGCSE meeting in Portland, Oregon (cancelled)
#SIGCSE2020 please use code CSE20 through May 15, 2020

Association for Asian Studies in Boston (cancelled)
#AAS2020 please use code ASI20 through May 23, 2020

International Studies Association in Honolulu (cancelled)
#ISA2020 please use code ISA20 through May 30, 2020

Association for Art History in Newcastle (cancelled)
#forarthistory please use code AAH20 through June 2, 2020

Organization of American Historians in Washington DC (cancelled)
#OAH2020 please use code OHA20 through June 6, 2020 

Royal Economic Society in Belfast (cancelled)
#RES2020 please use discount code RES20 through June 7, 2020

American Philosophical Association Pacific Division in San Francisco (cancelled)
#APAPacific20 please use discount code APA20 through June 12, 2020

Economic History Society in Oxford
#EHS2020 please use discount code EHS20 through June 18, 2020

American Physical Society April Meeting in Washington DC (cancelled)
#APSApril please use discount code APS20 through June 22, 2020

Society of Architectural Historians in Seattle (cancelled)
#SAH2020 please use code SAH20 through June 30, 2020 (discount only available in the United States)