Three Princeton University Press authors included in the TIME100 / AI list

Three Princeton University Press authors—Verity Harding, Arvind Narayanan, and Sayash Kapoor—have been included in the inaugural TIME100 / AI list, which recognizes leading minds in the field of artificial intelligence.

Verity Harding is Director of the AI & Geopolitics Project at the Bennet Institute for Public Policy, at the University of Cambridge University, and founder of Formation Advisory, a consultancy firm that advises on the future of technology and society. She previously served as Global Head of Policy for Google DeepMind and as a political advisor to Britain’s deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg. Harding is the author of AI Needs You: How We Can Change AI’s Future and Save Our Own, forthcoming in March 2024. Drawing from the author’s background in tech and policy, as well as her academic training as an historian, AI Needs You is a humanist manifesto for the age of AI, using the inspiring lessons of prior tech revolutions—the space race, in vitro fertilization, and the internet—to empower each of us to join the conversation about AI and its possible futures. A recent Kirkus review offered strong praise: “Harding’s optimism is tempered by experience and knowledge, and her arguments are compelling and engaging.” Read TIME’s profile of Harding here.

Arvind Narayanan is Director of the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton University, where he is also professor of Computer Science. His work focuses closely on the societal impact of AI technologies. Narayanan previously co-authored the textbook Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction. With Sayash Kapoor—a doctoral candidate in Computer Science at Princeton, who worked on AI technologies at Facebook—he is co-author of AI Snake Oil. Under contract to publish in autumn 2024, AI Snake Oil will offer readers an engaging guide to both what makes AI work and—crucially—what makes it fail. Narayan and Kapoor also write about possibilities and limits of AI in their popular newsletter, of the same name. Read TIME’s interview with Narayanan and Kapoor here.

Congratulations to those recognized in the TIME100 / AI list. We’re honored to collaborate with them on their soon-to-release books.