Hallie Stebbins

Senior Editor (Neuroscience & Computer Science)

I seek out book projects in computer science and neuroscience for scholars, students, and general readers. It is an exciting time to be working and publishing in these fields, both of which have seen unprecedented growth and investment in recent decades. My goals are to support that growth by publishing innovative work that will drive research agendas forward, and to feed the general public’s appetite for original and accessibly written books that help them understand the excitement of science. Reflecting the porous boundaries of these and neighboring fields, my list welcomes interdisciplinary work as well as new approaches and methods. I look for textbooks and monographs that offer new syntheses and theories that will shape these fields and others for years to come, as well as engaging, enlightening, and scientifically rigorous general interest books that pursue answers to big questions. I welcome submissions from across neuroscience and computer science, and embrace the highest standards of scholarship, inclusivity, and diversity.