Ingrid Gnerlich

Publisher for the Sciences (Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Earth Science, Neuroscience & Computer Science)

The books in Princeton University Press’s science program are a diverse and carefully curated selection of stimulating works by leading scholars, which seek to inform, elevate, and inspire conversations about science among readers at all levels. Our international list ranges across fields, covers foundational and frontier research topics, and aims for balance across genres. I seek innovative textbooks that serve to shape and enrich teaching and train and inspire students around the world; excellent monographs that synthesize research within disciplines or at the boundaries between them; deeply insightful works of popular science, which bring the curious mind to new levels of understanding and enlightenment; and major reference works that serve students and scholars alike. Having joined the Press’s US office as physical/Earth sciences editor in 2003, I relocated to the UK in 2012 to further expand our global science publishing profile. I publish books in the physical and Earth sciences by authors around the world, including North America, while authors in other disciplines are mostly situated in the UK or Europe.