Michelle Komie

Publisher (Art, Architectural & Urban History)

I publish original, ambitious projects that will resonate within art, architectural, and urban history and also speak to neighboring fields. My lists are not confined to specific geographies or time periods but are built around topics and histories that enable readers to better understand the place of visual and material cultures and the built environment in the world. I’m also interested in projects that take a creative approach to the work of practicing artists or architects in order to amplify voices and engage a wide readership. Recent and forthcoming titles include Twelve Caesars, by Mary Beard, The Obama Portraits by Taina Caragol et al., Global Objects: Toward a Connected Art History, by Edward S, Cook, Digital Design: A History, by Stephen Eskilson, The Art of Cloth in Mughal India, by Sylvia Houghteling, A City is Not a Computer, by Shannon Mattern, and A History of Art History by Christopher S. Wood.