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Data Analysis for Social Science Data Analysis for Social Science: A Friendly and Practical Introduction
Elena Llaudet and Kosuke Imai

Below you will find the Student Resources for the book Data Analysis for Social Science: A Friendly and Practical Introduction. 


This zipped folder contains all the files used in Data Analysis for Social Science. It contains all the real-world data sets analyzed and the code to analyze them. For further details on the contents of the folder, please see the "README" file in the folder. (For easy access, we recommend saving the folder on your Desktop. This is where the code used throughout the book assumes the DSS folder is located. If you choose to save the folder elsewhere, the book also provides instructions for making the necessary changes to the code. By default, your computer will likely save the zipped DSS folder to your Downloads. To unzip it, you can double click on it. To move the unzipped folder, you can copy and paste it or drag it to the new location.)

Download DSS [ZIP]

Errata [ZIP]

Download Errata [ZIP]

Instructor Resources

Instructor materials, including sample syllabus, lecture slides, in-class exercises, additional exercises with solutions, and additional real-world datasets.

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