Student Resources

Research Design in the Social Sciences Research Design in the Social Sciences: Declaration, Diagnosis, and Redesign
Graeme Blair , Alexander Coppock, and Macartan Humphreys

Below you will find the Student Resources for the book Research Design in the Social Sciences: Declaration, Diagnosis and Redesign.

Companion R package

The companion R package for the book is rdss, which is freely available on the CRAN repository. You can install it in R via install.packages(“rdss”)

           R package rdss          

Replication Materials [ZIP]

A replication archive containing the code and data to reproduce all of the in-text examples, including figure code.

Download Replication Materials [ZIP]

Shiny Application

A Shiny application for a user-friendly interface for declaring research designs

        Shiny Application        

Instructor Resources

Instructor materials, including exercises (both problem sets and answer keys), lecture slides, and sample syllabi.

Access Instructor Resources