Student Resources

Files for Data Exercises

At the link below you may download the files necessary to complete the data exercises. For each exercise, there is a README file (.txt format) that summarizes the data set to be analyzed and, along with the text in the book, should provide the information you need to complete the exercise. The numbers in the file names correspond with the chapter numbers from the book. So, for example, to learn about the data set used in the data exercise from Chapter 5, open 5_README.txt.

The data sets are all in .csv format so they can be analyzed using many different statistical software programs. Each data set has a name, referenced in the book and the README files, that corresponds to the substantive nature of the data set. For example, the data on schooling and earnings that will be used for the Chapter 5 data exercise is called SchoolingEarnings.csv.

Download Files for Data Exercises