The Illuminated Books of William Blake, Volume 5
Milton, A Poem
William Blake

Edited by Robert N. Essick and Joseph Viscomi

David Bindman, General Editor


The core of William Blake's vision, his greatness as one of the British Romantics, is most fully expressed in his Illuminated Books, masterworks of art and text intertwined and mutually enriching. Made possible by recent advances in printing and reproduction technology, the publication of new editions of Jerusalem and Songs of Innocence and of Experience in 1991 was a major publishing event. Now these two volumes are followed by The Early Illuminated Books and Milton, A Poem. The books in both volumes are reproduced from the best available copies of Blake's originals and in faithfulness and accuracy match the acclaimed standards set by Jerusalem and Songs. These two volumes are uniform in format and binding with the first two volumes.

The Early Illuminated Books comprises All Religions Are One and There Is No Natural Religion; Thel; Marriage of Heaven and Hell; and Visions of the Daughters of Albion. Milton, A Poem, second only to Jerusalem in extent and ambition, is accompanied by Laocon, The Ghost of Abel, and On Homer's Poetry.

First published in 1993.

David Bindman is Durning-Lawrence Professor of the History of Art at University College, London. Robert N. Essick and Joseph Viscomi are Professors of English at, respectively, University of California at Riverside and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.