The Princeton Dictionary of Ancient Egypt
Ian Shaw & Paul Nicholson


For more than a decade, Ian Shaw and Paul Nicholson's Dictionary of Ancient Egypt has been the most informative and useful dictionary of ancient Egypt available, one that Library Journal called "a preeminent source" and "the essential choice." Now fully revised and updated, this new edition covers the most important discoveries and scholarship in the field since 1995.

Written by two archaeologists, each with more than twenty years of excavation experience in Egypt, this authoritative dictionary defines and explains important themes, sites, objects, individuals, and historical periods throughout four thousand years of Egyptian civilization. More than 600 A-to-Z entries provide concise information on all aspects of ancient Egypt and Nubia during the pharaonic and Graeco-Roman periods. Each entry is followed by a bibliography, allowing readers to pursue subjects in more detail. The dictionary is lavishly illustrated with photographs, line drawings, site plans, and maps. The Princeton Dictionary of Ancient Egypt is an indispensable resource for researchers, students, and anyone with an interest in the ancient world.

  • Completely revised text
  • More than 600 up-to-date alphabetical entries ranging from agriculture to Zawiyet el-Mayitin, and includes more than 80 new terms
  • Up-to-date bibliographies for each entry
  • Revised and enlarged maps and diagrams
  • More than 500 illustrations
  • Thoroughly indexed and cross-referenced
  • Includes a chronology of dynasties, a list of Egyptologists mentioned in the text, and an alphabetical list of Theban tombs
Ian Shaw is senior lecturer in Egyptian archaeology at the University of Liverpool. His books include The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Egyptian Warfare and Weapons. Paul Nicholson is senior lecturer in archaeology at Cardiff University. His books include Egyptian Faience and Glass and Brilliant Things for Akhenaten. Shaw and Nicholson are the coeditors of Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology.