Flows in Networks
L. R. Ford, Jr. & D. R. Fulkerson
With a new foreword by Robert G. Bland and James B. Orlin


In this classic book, first published in 1962, L. R. Ford, Jr., and D. R. Fulkerson set the foundation for the study of network flow problems. The models and algorithms introduced in Flows in Networks are used widely today in the fields of transportation systems, manufacturing, inventory planning, image processing, and Internet traffic.

The techniques presented by Ford and Fulkerson spurred the development of powerful computational tools for solving and analyzing network flow models, and also furthered the understanding of linear programming. In addition, the book helped illuminate and unify results in combinatorial mathematics while emphasizing proofs based on computationally efficient construction. Flows in Networks is rich with insights that remain relevant to current research in engineering, management, and other sciences. This landmark work belongs on the bookshelf of every researcher working with networks.

L. R. Ford, Jr., worked as a researcher for both CEIR Inc. and the Rand Corporation before his retirement. D. R. Fulkerson (1924-1976) was a mathematician at the Rand Corporation and, later, Cornell University.