Welcome to the Universe in 3D

Bonus Materials

Scroll down to find Neil deGrasse Tyson’s audio narration of all the images in the book. Listen while taking your visual tour of the universe in 3D.

Further down this page, you will find sample images from the book and moving stereo-pair images, which can be viewed in 3D using the viewer inside the book. Try looking at them on your cell phone. Just prop your phone against the open front cover of the book and look through the viewer to see them all in 3D.

Audio Narration of the Book

Neil deGrasse Tyson

3D Images from the Book

Comet Lovejoy 2014 and Pleiades
Comet Lovejoy 2014 & Pleiades
Jupiter and Ganymede
Jupiter and Ganymede


Full Moon Animation
The Moon
Jupiter and moons
Jupiter and Its Galilean Moons
Jupiter’s Moon Io
Jupiter’s Moon Europa
Saturn’s Moon Mimas
Trappist 1 moons
Trappist-1 Exoplanets
Cosmic Microwave Background