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The Cow: A Natural and Cultural History

A richly illustrated introduction to the science and history of the cow


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Jun 8, 2021
250 color photos and diagrams
Princeton Nature
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We populate the countryside with cows the world over, and their familiar presence ensures that global demands for milk and beef are met. But with more than a billion cattle on the planet, the importance of cows extends well beyond food production. Cows are venerated by some religions and shunned by others; they provide leather for shoes, clothing, and other uses; and they have long been central to the agricultural way of life, working the fields, pulling carts, and providing fertilizer. The Cow is a comprehensive guide to help us understand these important animals, offering a wealth of information about their anatomy and behaviors, breed varieties, and place in human culture past and present. Exploring the cow’s livestock credentials and beyond, this book combines engaging and informative text, beautiful photographs, and explanatory diagrams to examine the cow’s fascinating biology, its hard-wired behaviors, and its relationship with humankind.

  • Provides an in-depth look at the evolution of the cow, its role in agriculture, and the development of breeds
  • Includes chapters on Anatomy & Biology, Society & Behavior, and Cattle & People
  • Features a photographic directory of forty global cattle breeds